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"The game connection has been lost; your clie

Consistently getting this error after just a few minutes of playing. Tried playing on different servers, and on new characters.
yup, all night
I never had a problem before until today!!! this !@#$ just happened to me .... yesterday I was farming / leveling up my DH w/o problems. today I just got that stupid message "Your game connection has been lost. Your client has been disconnected from the server." I have tried everything / the ports thing / the flushdns / Reset modem- and other possible things without results.

So please. give us an answer Blizzard!!!

PD. my friend insists that it is an ISP related problem so he asked his ISP to change his modem, and now he can play w/o a problem, and im with the same company but until today I was able to play w/o problems while he was unable to play.

sorry for the bad english.
I'm having the same problem, and I just got the game today. Thanks for a great gaming experience, Blizzard!
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please post here too

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Also not able to resume quests without getting game connection lost on university internet. I can however make new games from the start of Acts.....so basically I have to start over from the beginning of every act if I want to play....otherwise...game connection has been lost...
I've had this problem as well. Sometimes the server just won't load my characters. Not any specific one, just sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I can tell that it won't work right away, because the loading crystals just keep cycling, instead of pausing and loading me almost immediately. I don't know, maybe get a better socketing system or something Blizzard? The only thing that seems to sometimes fix this is logging out and then back in again.
Incidentally, I think it's entirely unacceptable to suggest that I might need to turn off other things that might be taking up some bandwidth or switch my hardware. This isn't a game that should require any amount of serious bandwidth. I can post on the bnet forums, I should be able to connect to my Diablo characters, first try, every time.
same issue!! I can`t stand it any more!!! Every 5 minutes!! Blizzard, seriously you should give us an answer
They don't really give a !@#$... Tried support, but no luck there.
I'm getting it for the first time... What to do, what to do?
Same here. start happening since today!

BLizzard please respond.
Yea had this since launch, Blizz says it son my end, tried everything they suggested, hard to believe its on my end
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at this point, i want my $60 back.
Have same problem too.

Do something please Blizzard
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Try running the program as administrator. As soon as I did this, my DCs ceased.
I have had this problem since day one. What I dont get is when I played the BETA version I never had this problem so there is no way it can be our Internets fault. Blizzards needs to at least respond.
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