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"The game connection has been lost; your clie

Running the game as administrator fixed this problem for me
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I want to say something to the Blizzard game creators. Diablo 3 is a great game. You did a great job with it. The game play is awesome and I am fully enjoying the game to the fullest extent the average gamer can. I'm not a 12 hour red bull fueled beast gamer, I am a regular guy who has played Blizzard games since Diablo 1. I love Diablo games, they are great, period. One thing, I just beat Belial on Nightmare mode with my Barbarian, Kane. As I received my "trophy achievement" I went to grab the spoils of the "glorious battle" (which is what my in-game companion Paladin associate would call the epic battle I had just enjoyed) only to find myself..............disconnected. As I logged in again and jumped back into the game Belial was still dead and the soulstone was available to grab, but the loot was gone. The loot is not an issue, I will collect more gold as I play. As I said, I enjoy the game immensely but to have a disconnect right after such a battle is wrong. Whatever the issue is, and I'm sure you are working on it, but, myself and the rest of the avid Diablo 3 fans would appreciate a fix, soon.
I too have had this exact issue.

I have noticed however that when I turn my phone into a portable wifi hotspot I can login and play the game perfectly.

But when I use my home net connection I get the error everytime?
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admin mode didnt work any other ideas starting to get frustrated as it was working 5 mins ago now its not. Any help would be appreciated
I am having the same problem...it started last night (about 18 hours ago).

I am d/c within 3-5 minutes every game that I create with my level 60 wizard. I am d/c only from the game and not from the servers, as the GOLD SPAM continues rolling nonstop. (sidenote: why is it against TOS for us to buy gold on external sites, yet it's fine for gold spammers to completely overrun chat? It's NOT a minor problem!)

It appears that if I stay in town, I do not have this problem.

I also just played my level 16 DH for about 40 minutes without incident. This leads me to believe that some category of abilities or procs is causing the problem. (?)
This is now happening to me as well and it started last night. The worst part is that I can generally gain 5 stacks of nephalem valor and THEN get disconnected while heading to a boss. Very frustrating.
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Same problem!!! Getting disconnected every 10-20 minutes. Having to reply all over again is sooo frustrating!!! FIX THE PROBLEM, BLIZZARD!!
I get DC for no particular reason. Everytime I get like 2 stack of valor and I get kicked out :/ I too have wifi, but internet is working fine (if it wouldn't my TV wouldnt work either). Did work earlier today just fine, just now started, like hour ago.
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I tried reinstalling diablo 3 and it doesn't fix anything.

finally a blue trying to help.
do what he asks. ill do it also.
I have the same problem getting disconnects regularly
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Bumping this Thread.

These constant connection drops are really frustrating. Even after trying everything suggested on the Battle.net Support Page, I am still frequently being disconnected. I have even attempted some community submitted method, nothing seems to work, at least for long. I even reinstalled the game less than thirty minutes ago from the time that I posted this. Hopefully Blizzard can figure out what the root cause is. If I had to take a guess I would say the battle.net requirement is causing it.
I just built a new i7 pc did a fresh d3 install. never had this problem prior and now i get disconnected every 20-30 mins.

Same issue here can play about 10-50min, but then get DC.
Please fix this it ASAP.
loosing NV all the time... becomes bothersome...
playing ww barb.
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Come on guys in blizzard fix this i cant play like that i'm sure many other people are like me.My internet is perfect and still i get the stupid (the game connection has been lost your client has been disconnected from the server) error and it bums me out ....
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Same for me .. since im using whirlwind build its even worst !
got kicked out from the game AGAIN, never had this happen before, all the ppl at blizzard sleeping already? blizzard please fix this issue asap.
I have the same problem! it started about 8 days ago every 30-50 i get disconnected it says lost connection to server. Now i wonder if this has anything to do with the hurricane that just came through but i definitely know its very aggravating. You wanted us to pay for a game that has to connected to the internet so we did. at least you can keep us connected. i can't even play my level 60 character because every time i get 4 or 5 stacks i get disconnected. Please fix this. I know its not on my end because i was on the phone for 2 hours with Verizon fios support. i even reset my router to factory defaults and started all ove again no help can't find the problem on my end. Guess that means its on your end?
i get disconnected no matter what class i use. i even lost a hardcore character to this problem
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