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"The game connection has been lost; your clie

The game connection has been lost. Your client has been disconnected from the server...

Seriously. I would think that a major company as yourselves Blizzard would be able to handle a problem like this. We never asked for a 100% online game, but you insisted and made it happen..

Then I ask myself. Is it too much to ask to be able to farm without losing connection + your hard earned valor stacks? Yes some of us actually play on MP 7-10 and is very irritated on idiotic disconnecting all the time...

I am so disappointed in you Blizzard, I truly am....

Can we please, pretty please get a blue post if this problem is ever getting solved?
comon anyone know how to fix ? cant stand it , ffs blue answear
having the same problem. Just started today.
I have the same problem..... It is terrible....must blizz fix it !!!!
this has been posted multiple times already and has been ignored by blizzard. they dont think its there issue. nobody has replied to this issue yet. its getting annoying when you get disconnected in the middle of the game.
Same as all you guys:

> The game connection has been lost. Your client has been disconnected from the server

...and im getting it far too often now, it's getting rather annoying. Curiously It never happened on 1.0.4, i could literally game all day and the connection would be sound.

So i know it's not my internet, much like the rest of you attest to.

Come on Blizzard, pretty please.
I am having the problem as well
> The game connection has been lost. Your client has been disconnected from the server

every 3 to 5 minutes of playing, give me back my money blizzard !

It was working fine for more then month and suddenly today I cant play...
this yet blizzard has yet to give as a decent response or a fix for this
same here..10dk down ..I could not find a cure
I don't know about you all, but since just before 1.06 where they did a server update (EU) the issue stopped.

As soon as the server update had been completed it was back to happy gaming again.
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I am also having this problem at random times. I am not having doing any particular thing when this happens. It just discconects me and returns me to the quest selection screen. I found that as this problem happened, my login takes longer, for some strange reason it takes about 8-12 extra seconds to log in and authenticate and load the heros. Is there a problem with the authentication perhaps? Sometimes when it drops me and I try to re-join the party I was in I will get stuck in the main party screen and it won't let me leave the party or join the game all the buttons are blacked out after hitting "resme game" but it just sits there dormant. I try to leave but it said something along the lines of "unable to leave party because of member lock" or something. So I had to alt f4 it out. This is such a hassle blizzard, fix this!

I have never had this issue before two days ago. I've restarted my computer several times and I reinstalled once also.

Also it happened also while I'm playing with my brother, he's in the next room from my and it does not hapen to him.

This is the error I'm getting.

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The game connection has been lost. Your client has been disconnected from the server...

I am getting this message and i am kicked out from the game but i am still logged on in diablo main screen and i don't need to re log to the game its very annoying loosing nefalem buffs all the time and starting over and over. My connection is fine and every thing else is working whit out any problem. I just started playing diablo after a couple months brake and i didnt have this prob before.
The game connection has been lost. Your client has been disconnected from the server...

I've been getting this for the past two days. The game is now unplayable. I'd really appreciate some news from Blizzard.
I have had this issue for months, I always felt this relates to an issue with WW for barbs. It just seems to happen ALWAYS when im WW'ing. I have not once been disconnected while not WW'ing.

Please fix or at least confirm that this is an issue on your end.
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The game connection has been lost. Your client has been disconnected from the server...

... I also keep getting this error. Usually preceded by monsters freezing while my character can still attack, move, etc. Of course, I die. Usually after 3-5 of these events I get the error above. I am playing with a monk.

Any advice? I've never had this problem before and have played since the launch.
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I have been having so many of these stupid errors that I am not playing the game anymore untill there is a fix for it because I can't do anything, I can't even get 5 valor, I can't even keep my killing sprees going I keep on getting DC'd at about 100 monster kills, when I should be getting 150-200 spree kills on average, this is ridiculous, how much money are you making off this game Blizzard? the RMAH, it self, you are making ridiculous money off that, FIX this error and you will be makng more from people ACTUALLY being able to find items to sell which will make YOU more money.

But yet the only official thread for this problem that I've seen is on the EU side. What gives? Really, I had that error 12 times in the last week, today I've had it six times in an hour. The most recent (just now). It happened once, so I said okay, I'll just re-log and play, but yet it happened SECONDS after rejoining a game. That's where I said nope, going back to my PS3. FIX IT PLEASE!

If you would actually tell us what info you need about this to fix it, the d3 error log script? or what? tell us and we'll supply you with it, stop ignoring the problem at hand.

Link to the "barbarian ww disconnection" in EU forums

But I was reading this thread and it is happening to monks too.

This problem is probably more subject to barbarians because that is the majority of the dcs im seeing, but not limited to barbs. As I've seen monks complaining about it too.
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