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"The game connection has been lost; your clie

Hi Guys.

I have been popping in to the forums for month to see if this has been fixed, I see its still ongoing. I have been having this problem since the 1st patch after the launch. Blizzard are aware but in all the patches they have not updated their response from.

We are aware, We are working on it, Send me your erro/bug report sheet.

Thats as far as its got, Ive put in around 700 hours into this game and mainly because of this issue I have not equipped my characters barely out of beg.intermediate level equip.

The Uninstall key is looking highly attractive right about now.
Hell, i'm still having this problem. Come on Blizzard, it's been 8 months, and you still have not addressed this problem. How are you guys not seeing this? Why do I bother playing Diablo III if I keep disconnecting.
I've read these posts now.
And it's become apparent that the amount of f***s given by blizzard is zero.

I started getting this problem on Friday.
And I've done every single troubleshooting step there is.
So don't give me the bull about troubleshooting any further.

"What router do you have?"
-I don't have one. I'm running on a direct cable.
"What sort of connection, and who's the provider?"
-Ljusnet AB 100/100mbit fiberoptics
"Have you had any instability problem's with them in the past?"
-None whatsoever, and I've been using this ISP for 2year's now, and I've played countless games that requires an internet connection. We are over 25people using the same ISP, same CAT, and it's 3 of us with the same problem.

I'm wondering if you even know what you are doing, or is the reason you are recruiting the fact that you don't know what you are talking about?
I hope for the sake of the community that you get someone who can actually take a look at the server's, as it's been proven in so many posts in this thread that is has NOTHING to do with the playerbase.

And if you can prove me wrong, then I will happily shush and be on my way.
But if you can't, then you are just gonna loose more face than you already have.

Thanks for reading ladies and gent's.

I've reinstalled the game aswell, on two diffrent computer's, with two diffrent suppliers, diffrent CAT's and so on. Just goes to show that we are in the right, and they are in the wrong. But they need to drop that horrid pvp project they are rushing in. And sort the server problem first.

/rant over

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Has anyone found a fix for this, or anything that may limit this error?
I hope they fix this soon... I am going to have to find something else to do with my spare time.
Never had problems with disconnects until patch 1.0.6. Now, the game is unplayable (e.g. infernal machine event) because I barely manage to stack NV before disconnection.
I am in the same boat, play for 10-15 minutes generally (sometimes 30 minutes) then, "You've been removed from the game" "You have been disconnected from the battle.net server". Lost an Ubers portal the other night because of it, moment i stepped in I dc'd. I sent numerous emails to customer support, and one awesome representative gave me an explanation.

"Checking on your Trace Route and Path Ping, when your connection hits the AT&T network at [] in New York, your connection is seeing an huge increase in latency and 100% packet loss. This latency is occurring before your connection reaches our servers.

This is an ongoing issue we are working with AT&T to resolve with their Chicago and Pheonix data centers, but it seems you have found another! I have reported this to our ongoing investigation on this and hope to help AT&T resolve their data issues as soon as possible."

Hopefully this issue is resolved soon, because it's very clear now that A LOT OF US are in the same hole.

I highly recommend you guys doing a traceroute and pathping.



If it's the same issue plaguing everyone, the more people reporting it the better. Make a ticket and send them the info.
Me and my lady play next to each other, I constantly get DC'ed and she goes on just fine. Lately it is starting to get worse and worse. Our comps are near identical in build, so its neither that nor the ISP apparently. Something's up Blizzard side
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I am having the same issue. I will be playing and get a "Network Error" randomly and it boots me to the character select screen, it does not require me to log back in.

My internet connection is rock solid. I have been pinging 3 different sources non stop while playing to ensure this. I have changed my graphics/sound settings, joined general chat, reloaded windows, set my gaming PC to DMZ status on my router, and disabled windows firewall. Do I have to sacrifice a chicken in order to play the game that I have paid for?

Sys specs blah blah blah,
I5 Sandy Bridge
8gigs of Corsair Ram
120gig intel SSD
Asus Nvidia 560ti (current stable drivers).

Yes I play a Barb.

Any Blues want to address this issue or are you guys going to let this thread go to 100 pages and hope an expansion is out by then.
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Recently started experiencing frequent disconnections when using tempest rush. After going through a few different posts and speaking with technical support I was advised to post.

I've been with the same isp for over 10 years with minimal issues. Not one other game I play gives me disconnects.

I can re create the disconnect by rushing into a group of mobs and holding down tempest rush. Sometimes the disconnects happen right after getting 5 stacks of NV sometimes with just entering the and doing tempest rush.

I have heard of Barbarian also experiencing this similar issue with Whirlwind.

A few days ago I formatted my entire computer re installed everything with fresh downloads the latest drivers and firmware.

I even went out and purchased the Asus Gigabit AC network router and aapter for $300. My isp is Rogers Cable Extreme plus which is around 100mbs per sec. http://event.asus.com/2013/nw/802_11ac/edm.htm

I've run path pings trace routes and everything else I could think. If others are having this same issue please post.
I am having the same issue with random, ninja disconnects.

I simply follow the same route of Alk in order to get exp and very often when I rush on Sprint + WW into a group of mobs I suddenly get DC. It looks more less like this:


It's very annoying, when you are lucky enough to get 5NV stacks on Core of the Arreat + Tower of Demand and you use portal to Arreat Crater and get DC right before huge pack of scorpions... tons of exp and time are wasted.

Blizzard, seriously get on and do something about it.
It's definitely not a problem on my or my ISP side. I live in UK and I have the high speed Fibre Optic broadband. WoW run just fine as it is with 10-15ms (world) at the peak. I never get DC's on my x360 either.

BTW. When I click OK on that error message it kicks me out to the character screen and not to the login screen.
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I am having the exact same problem as you Rav. This only started occurring for me since around the time they first started the ptr for 1.0.7

Hopefully blizz gets this fixed quickly as it is completely pointless to even play right now. I cant even gets 5 nv stacks, usually gets to 3 or 4 during alk runs then gets disconnected. Not cool
They are addressing south east asia players trying to play on US server, but are not saying anything about US/Canada accounts having the same issue.
I love watching the Blues respond to almost every other thread on this board except this one (usually in less than an hour).

In typical Blizzard fashion they would be all over this if it was impacting the AH because they would lose the ability to get their cut of cash.

Customers that have already paid are not getting addressed at all, they already have gotten our cash so I guess that puts us as low priority.
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I have a fix, well it worked for me. I took out the Diablo III.exe file from C:\Program Files\Diablo III folder, then i ran the Diablo III Launcher.exe which updated the exe file.

Hope this works for you all.
Well, the above solution seems to have worked for me. Thanks for the heads up Jin!

Jins solution actually did not work. When I first tried it, it seemed to have worked, but last night I tried to play and it went right back to same old constant disconnects. The search for a solution remains.
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I have a fix, well it worked for me. I took out the Diablo III.exe file from C:\Program Files\Diablo III folder, then i ran the Diablo III Launcher.exe which updated the exe file.

Hope this works for you all.

There might be something to this. I'm not willing to call this a fix yet, but I just did 4 runs with no DCs or lag spikes.

Given that the game has been unplayable because of DCs for several days for me, that is really good.

I'll confirm in a couple of days if I feel this has done the trick or not.
I did a complete reformat of my drives installed everything fresh, worked for about an hour then it started again. I tried Jin's approach and it did nothing.
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