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"The game connection has been lost; your clie

Tried making a new character in the European Server. Disconnected after 10 minutes. I'm confident this will get fixed but man what a hassle.
I pay money for this.. Blizzard faild again
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bump ibe gotten 4 levels in the same level of the same dungeon in nightmare....
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Quick Fix:

If you're getting error 3007 or 316704, join General Chat in game.

Worked for me. If I'm not in General Chat I get kicked from the game shortly after logging, but the problem stops the moment I join. Hope this helps!
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bump ibe gotten 4 levels in the same level of the same dungeon in nightmare....

LOL, i did the same freaking thing, i was in Dugkhol Oasis or w/e it's called for about 3 hours
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im glad some people are confident this will get fixed but as for me.... seems like the majority of everyone on d3 is doing ok just seems like there is just the minority having issues.. ive tried just about every thing i can think of to fix this beside completely delete d3 and everything else off my computer and reinstall it and start completely over.
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do something plsssssssssssssssssss
Same problem.
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Just started doing it to me in a dungeon on act 2. thought it maybe my internet going out & me getting the boot because im not online but when i check my internet is fine.....PLEASE FIX!
I just wanted to add myself to the list of people with connection issues. I have disconnected three times in the last hour (with a 30 minute break in there in hopes that things would sort themselves out).

Edit: I tried again (15 minutes later), and got disconnected within a minute or two.
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I'm also having the same issue.
I cannot proceed with my current quest due to this.
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im level 29 on act 2 in normal due to this :/ only thing ive been doing is running hoping to finish my mission before it disc
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I cant seem to play for more then 15 minutes at a time without the thing kicking me out of the game. Getting a variety of disconnect errors, sometimes I try to 'resume' my single player game and it tells me that make sure everyone is out of the game, its single player, who the hell else would be in it. Bah.

Just crazy. I am just trying to play single player by myself and go through, and then when I do play, it freezes up and I miss out on a ton of conversation and key story line points.

Such a hassle, I have never had this much frustration playing a single player game before ever.

Very disappointed so far.
I am consistently gettin dropped from solo and co-op anything...didnt have the problem yesterday or this morning. Since about noon I have been havin server issues. None of the error msss are consitent either.
I have had this problem since launch, but in the last few hours it has been consistently 5 minutes. Short enough that it's impossible to progress, very very frustrating.

My computer is in the DMZ and i've tried joining general chat to keep it from disconnecting.
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