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ISSUE - You have been removed from the game

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I've had no trouble installing and connecting to Diablo 3. However, I have been kicked out after a varying, random amount of time (anywhere from less than a minute to after 30 minutes) with the message "You have been removed from the game." This happens every time I play. I can't resume the game, either, I have to "error" out (with no error number or information, just the message "There was an error.") and be disconnected back to the login screen. Once I've been sent back to the login screen, I can login, and resume play. However, of course, I have lost all progress if I haven't achieved a check point in between. This is really making the game unplayable.

Is there any fix for this at all? I have opened up all appropriate ports on my D-Link DIR 615 wireless router, as well as on my 2wire gateway (for which I have the built-in wireless interface disabled), and I have flushed out my DNS, and I have ensured the appropriate permissions are set on the Diablo 3 folder under Applications in Mac OS X Lion, and I've repaired my disk permissions. I've deleted the Battle.net folder and allowed the updater/launcher to re-create it.

All of the posted suggestions and solutions I have attempted but I am having no luck in getting continuous playtime. I'm actually on the 99-minute wait with Blizzard technical support right now, and am not really holding my breath here. There has to be some fix for this. Is there a utility to check that all of the standard ports, what-have-you, are appropriately open? I just want to be able to play the game for longer than a few minutes at a time.

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Same here and is becaming unplayable.
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Exact Same Problem, not happy about it.......
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I'm having the same problem on a win7 machine. Would like to add (please comment if you're experiencing this part too) that I get a message like "please make sure your entire party is in the game" (paraphrasing 'cuz I don't remember precisely) when trying to rejoin, even though I'm solo.

Have to log out and log back in to get into the game.
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Yes same problem on my Win 7 system. Has been doing it all day. However at one point i decided to try disabling my firewall which actually seemed to get me through a lot more play time, however, seeing as I am now here searching through the Blizzard support forum, apparently it was just a coincidence.

And Yes Mint I also get the "party members" message when I try to rejoin aswell. Shortly after I read that message I am kicked back out to the login screen with an error message "There was an error. - error 38(? Not sure if the number is correct but it is giving me a number).

It is very frustrating and I apologize but it does make me feel better that you guys are having the same issue :P

EDIT: I was way off, it's error 3007
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Im having same problem, and im having the party problem I cant exit diablo sometimes I have to alt ctrl del to exit, and get back in. I get removed from every game.
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Seems to happen to me every time I go back to town
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I went to a nearby hookah lounge and played the game on the European servers (as the US servers were down and I figured I'd try out Demon Hunter) for 2.5 hours without interruption of service, all the way through the Skeleton King section.

I came back home and logged in, tried playing for a bit on the EU servers as the same character and was kicked out after 5 minutes.

Generally, that means the problem is local to the network, so it has something to do with our firewall or network settings, but I can't figure out what it is for the life of me. Is there any utility or something out there that can check and make sure our network settings are correct for D3?
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i dont think it has to do with that, because i talked to people and they said it was unplayable as well, and ive played on my connection for an hour straight before i left the game, it just started doing this
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This is what's exactly happening to me now, too! I played my Witch Doctor until 20++ last night with no problems and then I decided to make a new character today. When the US servers went down I played on the Asia server for a couple of minutes and when it went back up this stuff started to happen. I can't seem to play for a good 30 mins straight and whenever I click "resume" on the character screen it just gives me another error concerning parties... :|

Anyone kind enough to help us all with this problem? It would be very much appreciated! :D
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I too have this problem, the monks in the monastery would not like me taking time from my duties to sit and eat potato chips

**but seriously what's is going on?**
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Same problem here. Kinda buggy the live thing.
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Bump, blue response please.


I get roughly three minutes of game time before getting kicked now.

Kinda bulll!@#$, you know?


Pay bucks for an unplayable game? At least let us know you're aware of this issue and working on it.........

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Keep getting this error!!
"You have been removed from the game"
WOW works perfectly fine.. SC2 also...
some setting with D3??
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Exactly the same here too, and it seems we are quite a bunch in this position. Are the servers having a bad time dealing with us all?
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having the same issue it's more frequent out of combat though happens much less when i'm actually fighting and playing the game... this is terribly frustrating though as it has interrupted cutscenes and large chunks of story by booting me out and me having to rejoin. blizzard needs to figure out what is going on and quick this is ridiculous...
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I'm also getting this issue now. Yesterday I played with friends and got to level 20 with no issues (apart from all the maintenance and downtime). This morning I log in, make a game and game play for more than 10 minutes before getting removed and then disconnected from Battlenet entirely. I hope this gets fixed very soon. I want to play the game I purchased. Thanks.
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Im having the same problem. Mac.
This is rendering the game unplayable for us so please Blizz, take care of this.
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same issues here...
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Same issue here. win 7 random "removed from game"
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