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ISSUE - You have been removed from the game

I am MAC user and I have this exact same problem, it is such a hassell, I also get the "party members" message when I try to rejoin aswell. Is there anyway to fix this??
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tried all the proposed solutions but the problem still happened.
i had the same problem when it was in beta stages too. annoying and unplayable..
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Ridiculous that this has still not been addressed or even acknowledged.
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I never post on the forums, but if the more replys they get on this thread, the bigger the chances are to see this and acnowledge it ill do so.

On top of the many unscheduled maintenance, i had hoped to see it getting fixed. on your forums the error 3007 is a known issue and your programmers are working on it. K fine. But the thing tough is that its not, and im guessing its one of the many importants problems of this game atm, on top of games being bugged or just plain bugs in the game. Tweaking bosses or classes is not important at the time, right now they need to make it more stable.

Im glad im not the only one its happening to right now. My computer is getting old and got to play it on low settings, and that made me tough it was probably that that made me disconnect. After a while i tough it was maybe due to inactivity. But when it happened to me during fights, 3 times in a row, i just couldnt bare it...

And im now writing this on thursday morning 2 minutes after the servers are back up (mind you they said 5 PST to 6, loggued back to check and stretched to 7 am), The issue STILL NOT FIXED, no words on this problems. From any point.

A "We are aware of the disconnection issue and we are working on it" would please me enough to give it a chance. But im now thinking that blizzard was short of cash and had to push the release date sooner to replace a sparkle poney and get their programmers paid. This may not be their fault (the programmers) they prob have crazy hours, just the bosses who never reads the damn forums and just see their compagny as $ signs...

Anyways, my rant is done, im gonna go try the quick game thing and general chat to see if it improves the game. Sorry for the spelling errors, im basically bashing on my keyboard out of rage (and im also tired and french canadian)
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same here
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It definatly started to recure alot more after the servers went down for "maintence fix"
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no luck on all the fixes proposed.. something has to be done and fast! DO NOT IGNORE US!
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Seems like the recent maintenance didn't do anything to fix this problem, at least on my end. I'm still getting the same cycle of errors: less than 5 minutes of gameplay (You have been removed from the game), click button to resume game (Please ensure all party members are not in a game, and no party invites are pending), then quickly afterwards (There was an error) which boots me out and I have to re-login again.

This whole process is forcing me to rush to checkpoints in fear of having to start at the last one over and over again.. storyline doesn't even exist at this point. Please address this issue!
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Guys ... when playing join the general channel and stay there. it fixed the problem for me
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I'm having the same problems - Windows 7 (64) Happens after 10 - 20 minutes of gameplay with the same errors and messages and described above. I've opened all ports on router, changed password on Battle.net and crossed my fingers during today's maintenance. So far, nothing has worked.
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Same here, this is a lack of respect for the consumer.
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Same problem, this is getting ridicules..

Win 7 x64
Checked Firewall
Checked Router
Checked AV
Checked 3 different ISPs
Checked 3 different computers
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Same issue, terrible lag in-game when it does work (for those precious 2 minutes) that makes it barely playable. I assumed it was my connection. Yet, my connection speed for anything else I try is better than superb. "Better check the forums" I thought. Then I read hundreds of posts, all the same issue, absolutely no response. This is taking DRM too far. This game costs a LOT of money and we can't even play it? Ok, at least tell us you're doing something about it then! Why is this problem occurring? What monumental balls-up caused this, and how are you putting it right? I have tried everything now and learned only one thing - spending the little free time I have trying to fix a game is much less fun than playing it.
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Same thing on OS X Lion. This was last Blizz game i payed for.
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I have this same problme on my windows 7 64 bit
yesterday it was working fine in morning but afternoon it started giving me error saying you have been disconnected.
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just to confirm with all those people saying "join general" etc, most if not all people here including myself have tried all those fixes and MORE to no avail.

Would not be here if it was so simple, thus we we all want a blue post acknowledgment of the issue!
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Same problems. Games tend to start and be very smooth, but as time progresses framerate drops, monsters tart teleporting to my caracter, run speed decreases, attack speed decreases, lag between skills increases, and the experience becomes absolute crap followed by "you have been removed from the game". If I press rejoin I get another error message saying (in essence) that I am still in game. If I logout my screen stays black for about 3 minutes. If I exit game it stays on the confirm screen for about 2 minutes as well. If I minimize my computer runs extremely slowly.

Blizzard I think you have a memory leak or something because your game is sucking !@# right now. Oh and your support just gives canned responses to everything even when the bugfix is attached to the message.
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I've heard a lot of people with this issue are using DLink routers. Anyone here having the issue not using DLink?
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I'm having this problem, every time I get close to killing khulle in act 2 in boots me. A fix would be greatly appreciated
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