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WD Questions --- DoTs+ W.Speed+ DPS+ W.Dmg+ %

So I'm doing some figuring while servers are down and came up with some GREAT questions for the community and really hoping for answers WITH PROOF OR SOURCE PLEASE.

1. Does Weapon Speed = Cast Rate?

2. Does Weapon Speed = Faster DoT tick rate?
--- If W.speed affects Tick what is the formula?

3. Is Spell Dmg % based on weapon DPS or true Weapon DMG?
--- If it is DPS is Weapon Speed still a factor for Cast rate or No since DPS is based on DMG/SPD

4. What is the Formula for %Crit on AOE? Per Group? Per Enemy? Per Casting?(Enemy walks in)

5. What is the Formula for %Crit on DoT's? First tick? All Ticks? Each Tick?

6. When a "Spell" has 2 forms of Dmg (Phys and Poi) how dose the %Crit work? Each type individualy? Per Cast?

7. Is %Crit bound to Physical Dmg only?

The Witch is Interesting but there are ALOT of questions. If you have more please keep it in the same format as above and I will add it to my post.

If someone from blizzard sees this PLEASE let us know and Sticky! These answers could change ALOT of things for us WD's.

Oh and I have the Guide and I'm asking this =\

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I'd also like to know answers to this.

But more importantly for me at the moment - I see most pet/zombies/etc., that their damage is calculated on "weapon damage". I want to precisely understand what this means. Does this mean my dagger in my hand that has listed itself as: "10-14" damage?
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1. slow weapons make u cast slower, i tried a 2h weapon and my spells had some "lag time" before being able to cast again

the rest i dont know but i d like to ask the mods some questions too such as:

a. does weapons that have life leech/bonus extra elemental damage/chance to stun or knockback effect WD spells?

b. same as above but for pets
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Hippee - I already answered your post on the EU forums over an hour ago.
I'll copy-paste here anyway:

1. For skills without cooldowns, yes.

2. Not sure about this, I believe it depends on the dot. But note that whether it does or it doesn't, it would only affect tick rate - not total damage over time. I.e. Haunt does 525% weapon damage over 12 seconds regardless of weapon speed.

3. Weapon damage, not dps. This has been tested extensively by people in the beta, and I've tested it myself as well.

4. I'm fairly certain that all crit calculations in the game are done on a per-hit basis.

5. Not sure about this, but certainly not once for all ticks. I'm not sure most DoTs can even crit.

6. Don't see any reason it wouldn't be per cast, but I have not tested this.

7. No.

I have tested most of these myself. I can't be bothered to look for sources for every bit of info right now, but I'll point you in the right direction: diablo.incgamers theorycrafting forum. You can find all your answers in more detail there.
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