Diablo® III

Error 3003

Just got d/c from the game for no reason and now in the queue to rejoin SINGLE player...

Wait time 10 minutes.......
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85 Human Rogue
Yep...curse you online only single player! To think, people thought AC 2 was bad :P
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Waited the 10 minutes... Only for the game to crash again before I could login...

Guess what... Now trying to login on the Asian Server gives me the 3003 Error!

Spoke too soon, now I'm queueing again with no ETA of when I can log in.

Might just give up and get some sleep.
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THIS error SUCKS! I have played Diablo 3 fine since launch but my brother who bought the game a couple days ago has not been able to play more than 20 minutes before getting this error 3003. This doesnt make sense at all. Hes tried all the solutions of port fowarding and disabling firewall etc etc. His computer is literally a metre away from mine and hes is getting the error and im not.....MAKES NO SENSE
Blizz really need to fix this asap
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90 Undead Priest
imagine how much money Blizzard would save on electricity if it was client based...
Deeply disappointed.
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wtf is this !@#$ blizz... NERD RAGE!!!!!!
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Been playing fine since saturday, and now I get the infamous 3003 :( not sure if from auction house maintenance
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just finished patching Ultima Online, and hoping to have some real(!) playing(!) experience(!).. just like the old days!.. when there was Diablo I for single playing and Ultima for online playing...
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i agree lets make a patch for playing diablo 3 offline blizzard. sometimes we just wanna play on our laptops where we dont have a internet connection available. make it happen
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i agree. this game is half complete until i can play it locally.
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86 Draenei Priest
anyone else still getting error 3003?
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just got error 3003 fml :(
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It's so disappointing. It doesn't make any sense to me why there isn't a separate offline mode. I used to hold Blizzard up on a pedestal with Valve as an all round good game developer. But this is utterly ridiculous.
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I have found the solution for error 3003 from searching google.. let me find the article again -
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I have been reading all the posts on error 3003 and the only thing that makes me happy about the whole thing is reading the f(*&en funny posts from you guys. I agree, they should make it offline available, like the second one.... and bring back the cows :( I miss the cows.. Moo moo moo moo?
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I hav Error 33 or Error 3003 ..plz help me to FIX this .
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If you tried to setup non-original Diablo, you are changing hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc). Check this file. You can see there eu.battle.net/bla bla this mean if you want to connect eu.battle.net/bla bla go to the ip address. And this ip addres your microsof local loopback address. I think you are taking this problem cause of this. You need to delete this inputs from hosts file. After that you can try to access again.
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I've heard that it will come a new patch this day, probobly was going on right now..
so just chill... the patch releases is today, you will get much more Yellow pickups and stuff by this patch.
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there are cows, play a bit more or read about it then u'll se. :)
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