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Have 480GTX should I sli or re reroll

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I have a 480 GTX and a motherboard capable of SLI with a power supply cappable as well at 1k watss(Not sure if it has the right plugins for two of theese). My question is should I pick up another one or buy the best new card on the market and not SLI. Not having an issue with d3 but I am planning an upgrading soon as I built my pc 2 years ago and havent upgraded it since.

Also side question I have a 930I pent proc. and I have stock fan. From what I undersand I should buy a new fan before over clocking as this chipset is supposed to be overclcoakble easily. Is remivng the old fan and putting a new one on a pain? Just not sure how hard it wil be to get the therma paste off and all that or if U should just get a better proc and fan.

Thanks for any advice.
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GTX 480 is still a very powerful GPU. I wouldn't bother getting a new graphics card yet...

But if you must, GTX 670 is recommended.

SLi has its share of troubles, and may not work with all games properly.

What is "930l pent proc", can you be more specific? You can check this through Dxdiag
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Two 480s would put you comparable to a 680 in performance. Usually the 480s are faster but not by much. Of course I can't speak for every game scaling perfectly with SLI versus a single GPU setup. It may be a better investment in the long run to get a 680, if only because your electricity bills will be lower and you can get a second 680 later on if you absolutely want one.

Generally stock fans are designed to keep the CPU cool at stock speeds. They may not be sufficient if you overclock. Aftermarket coolers are a safer choice for serious overclocking.

Getting thermal paste off is pretty easy. Sc%!*% it off with a credit card or something and then remove the rest with a cotton swap and a little rubbing alcohol, the purer the better. Make sure you get ALL of the old thermal paste off before you apply the new stuff.
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This is one of those few areas in life where procrastination pays off. You should wait to upgrade until you are sure you need it. Every month you end up being able to wait will mean more power or less cost or both.

That goes double for implementing SLI. While its a great option when its the only way to reach your performance or budget target, its nothing you want to do if you don't have to. It'll add heat and noise to your room; dollars to your power bill; and sometimes microstutter, bugs, and configuration hassle to your games.
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