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I have a decent bonus experience per kill (28) in act 1, and I'm noticing on many monsters I kill that grant experience I am not even getting 28, let alone 28+whatever experience I should be getting.
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I just noticed this too. i've got +70 xp per kill in gear and to test the gear out killed one monster who net me 40xp ?!? can someone explain what is going on?
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I also noticed similar behavior.

My best guess is there's either an EXP cap, or it's "+1 EXP at-level" so if a lvl 1 enemy gives you 30 XP at 1, you'd get 30 + 70 = 100, but at 5 you only get 20%, or 20.

Basically EXP per monster seems to be broken, and only works for trying to (slowly) catch up with the rest of your group. I was never much further than my bro and I had a TON. On my first alt, I would usually stop getting EXP from regular enemies entirely until I moved on to the next area.
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you lost me a bit at the lvl 5 you only get 20% is it that i'm too high lvl for the area and am getting diminished xp. that would make sense. so your proposed formula might look something like this

(Base mob XP + Bonus XP) x level modifier.

sounds like something bliz would do, would prevent you from getting a ton and then slaughtering lvl 1 monsters and breaking the game a bit.
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