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Best WD spell

I have been playing with 3 other friends, so I'm going a little more on a support build, especially for higher difficulties, but my damage is not slacking either.

Unbreakable Grasp is huge! This brings enemies to a crawl and helps line up AoE damage for myself and the wizard, while reducing damage and stress for our monk and barbarian.

SPLINTERS! For single targets, I don't think there is anything better. This move is practically free, deals 180% weapon damage, can be spammed, and of course can be buffed by Soul Harvest.

Now Soul Harvest is ridiculous as everyone else has been saying. When combined with equipment that adds to intelligence, your splinters can carve right through elites and bosses.

And I've only had it for a while now, but I'm really liking Acid Cloud. I replaced my exploding toads with this because the direction is consistent unlike the toads. For a while, I would SH then spam toads, which worked great, but spamming Acid Clouds over groups of enemies is far more consistent. I just can't wait to get some runes for it!
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Also, I haven't quite unlocked it yet, but my absolute favorite move that the WD has is Big Bad Voodoo. Throw that down and your monks and barbs will love you forever.
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OP, why is spirit walk so good?

Can you please explain?
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Toad of Hugeness is the most amusing spell right now. I log into my friends games and just toad whenever I can..

Gotta agree with this. Insanely funny to watch that toad swallow up mobs twice his size. lol

As for Spirit Walk, not impressed.
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Spiritwalk is probably going to be one of the necessary skills.
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Can someone explain why SoulHarvest is so great?
I don't think I actually understand the mechanics of it - what it does, and why it rocks.

It adds a ton of Intelligence for each enemy (max of 5) within range for 30 seconds. So if it's +40 int each you get +200 intelligence when you pop it in a group of 5. Int is your main damage stat so your dps goes up.

At level 22 I have around 150 int, 100 damage. With SH and the orb passive I can get those to 600 int, 250 damage. Just crazy. You can use frogs or bats to aoe burst massive mobs faster than any class in game during the buff duration. And it's pretty easy to keep up when clearing trash.

Only solo boss fights would you might want to swap it out.
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It's about situation-based skill usage, which is something that Blizzard has been saying they wanted to encourage from the beginning. Boss fights; Spirit Walk. Packs of mobs; Soul Harvest.
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Guys, is soul harvest a flat increase or percentage? Because at level 60, it wont be as powerful. or at least that's what I'm hoping.
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My surprises are Firebomb and Spirit Barrage, didn't have either in my plans but they work well together. Acid Cloud is also just amazing.
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My vote goes to the exploding toads...and will stay there until WD gets access to flaming squirrels. Seriously, mechanics can go screw themselves when you launch wave upon wave of ribbity, exploding doom upon your foes. (And yes, I still giggle continously while toading :P)
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05/16/2012 02:21 PMPosted by xMoonDevilx
Spirit Walk is definitely just a gamestyle option. Soul Harvest is tops.

I think the two are very complimentary, Spirit Walk is great for allowing you to get in or get out so that you can Soul Harvest effectively.
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