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I'm loving this character. It's easily my favorite character in any Diablo game next to only my ele druid Tiger_Woods. After discovering twin chaks i've kinda just ran through everything no problem. Been vaulting and just mowing everything down with dual bows and am closing in on 550 dps. I've only died one time up until a4 boss, and that time was because I was playing with one hand at the time. But a4 boss just keeps handing me my !@# and it's getting a little frustrating. I haven't tried SS yet because I loved the vault action but after reading these pages I'm hearing that it's actually even better than Vault. I normally use impale with knockback on the big bosses but I'm thinking of switching that to either freezing arrow or rapid fire for a4 boss. Also thinking of using marked for death during the boss fight. Am I just overthinking this or what are some suggestions from people who have beat him already?
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Easiest way is to take hungerining arrow plus piercing runs and impale plus this first rune and make sure to move from the bone prisons. You can spam hungering arrow when he is off the screen for easy risk free dps, and when he charges close stun lock him with impale untill out of hatred, then vault away.
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Honestly for that boss fight you're going to want a bit of a mix between AOE and single target abilities. I really like Cluster Arrow for that. Sentry isn't a bad choice to bring to that fight either. I don't like to take SS over Vault because with a little bit of finesse, you can avoid a LOT of boss attacks with Vault. It's nice with the knockback/stun rune on boss adds also. Honestly though if I had to choose one skill to bring to that fight, aside from your basic primary attack, I would say bring Cluster Arrow. The damage is great and it works for both tight groups of trash mobs and on beefy single target bosses. The high hatred requirement is its only real downfall. I like to take Entangling Shot to spam while I kite and then smack them with Cluster Arrow whenever I have the available hatred. If you do that for the A4 boss fight you should be fine.
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