I received my CE box yesterday and went through most of it except for the soundtrack. I figured I'd take a listen to it while I'm working today since I was going to get a good listen while playing the game.

I popped the disc in to the drive in my computer, load up iTunes, and there is no track or album information. To import the music, all I get are "Track 1", "Track 2", "Track 3", etc. There is no other information.

If I browse to the disc drive in Windows Explorer and look at the disc there, same situation. I was hoping that each track would be titled and the album info would be available some place. Any other media player does the same thing.

I don't want to add this data to any mp3 player if it's going to show like this. I'll have no idea what it is eventually. Any reason the disc isn't properly displaying track or album information? Anyone else with a CE see this as well? I know it's a really minor and silly thing to get all uppity about, but I find it to be shoddy product development if you can't produce an audio disc with track and album info on it.
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