I've had higher than average ping's (300 avg) accompanied by lots of rubber-banding (me hitting a monster and the game taking 2-3 seconds to appearingly catch up with itself and then register everything I had done). Anyone else having these issues? I've been seeing lots of posts where the conclusion is it might be my router? I played beta fine with little to no ping and rubber-banding. I have a linksys wrt 110 and have been having experiencing lots of connection related issues. Are we thinking it's my router? Anything forwarding a couple ports might fix? My cusin and I live in the same house and he has been having many more issues than me, he get's dropped from bnet all the time while playing SC, but he just gets reconnected immediately and our skype connection stays connected. He has been having all kinds of crazy connection issues with D3 (the same effects i've just discussed along with random drops and unable to connect back), yet we are on the same connection, so why wouldn't I be in the exact same boat?