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how long does it take to install the game

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can anyone tell me how long does it take to install the game. my game been installing all night and it still at the 40 percent wtf is going on here. it has been 8 hour since i started installing.
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I think some of the servers are dead. Can't login Asia servers now.
Took me less than half hour to install + patch, about 8 hrs ago. Off peak period.
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Took me about 20 minutes to re-download the latest downloader and install the game completely.
But I have an awesome new comp & internet... So...
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installed it prior to launch but it took about 15 minutes.
2.4ghz intel i5 quad processor laptop; 4gb ram.

u might want to cancel it and try again. if ur using wireless u might wanna try hardwired until u get it installed.
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Im half way through install now an its been about 45 mins
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took me about 45 minutes on launch day...mabye a little less
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Yeah, this might be an indication something is wrong.... When you say installing, I am not sure if that means downloading or installing.

If its just installing after everything has been downloaded, you have a serious problem if it took 8 hours....

If you mean downloading, it could very easily take that long if its going slow....

All the smart people downloaded the installer(game) a few weeks in advance, but anyways. :P
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I bought the disc and this game is at 14% after a half hour
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im just asking who bought the orignal and installed the game? coz i dont know how many hours will it take to install this game its been 15 mins and its still 0%, do we really need a fast internet connection to install this or what?
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I have the same problem, 15 mins and nothing hapens. :( I've bought the CD.
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you have to jump thru hoops to get the game to install.

google diablo 3 won't install.

you will then have to fiddle with settings (run as admin/compatibility mode for xpsp3)

and you may have to fiddle with agent.exe
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Wow i was watching it download and in 2 minutes it jumped to 60%
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same here i reinstall d3 and it's taking several minutes and it;s still at 0%. i bought the original disc. and before it only took me 10-15 mins to finish installing. is it because of the patch? please let me know. thanks!
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Don't mean to grave dig, but I just bought it (late on the train) and Its been at 0 % for around 5 minutes I want to say with looks of no further progress.
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Been installing for around 4.5 hours (havent been keeping track probably longer >.>) and its at 1.4% but to be fair my internet connection SUCKS and Starcraft II took like 2 days to fully install the updates and game
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It takes around 9 months to install. If you uncheck the PvP box, it should install much faster.
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WTF bought the game and installing.... 3 Hrs later at 1.4%... ADSL2 with good speed, this is the worst load ever! hope the game is worth it!?!!
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