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Can you even play hardcore with the


Servers? (posted in general but it got buried within seconds)

I hate the fact that I play single player, BUT have to get online. OK, I guess I will have to LIVE with that.

BUT I SEE SOME LAG!!!! SO I am wondering what if we make hardcores on single player (I did with Diablo 2) and then suddenly it lags and my char dies. WHAT WILL BLIZZARD DO to compenstate us!!!?? I had ZERO lag with Diablo LDO, etc because it was on my computer. See my concern??

Nothing... it's a risk you have to take if you want to play HC.

It means you need to be extra careful because a few weak enemies + lag = dead
Lol. I haven't tried it yet- Just wondering if I should wait till servers are more stable. What is a general good ping (ms) to play on?
Can you exit out while surrounded? (Pathetic method but I'm curious)
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05/16/2012 11:47 AMPosted by Wolfance
WHAT WILL BLIZZARD DO to compenstate us!!!??

This made me pee, just a little.

HC server ping seems to be better now, ~240ms.
~240 is a lot better than 1k. ;) Now I am seeing 250-300 average on my softcore game... I'll be keeping an eye on it to get familiar with blizzard's lag average.... :)
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I've only seen a red screen, no deaths yet.

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