So today I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a shiny new copy of Diablo III. I drove home humming the tune all players of the first two games would know by heart, full of excitement for the new adventures promised by the pretty art work and enticing literature printed upon the box.

I get home and slip my new DVD into the drive and spun it up. I flinched a little when the setup update popped up on the monitors screen. You see I am on Satellite Internet and as such, am an unwilling victim of the F.A.P. (or Fair Access Policy), which puts strict limits on my downloads. I can go over if I choose but then must be prepared to feel the mighty wrath of dial up speeds.

Not a big deal though, the update took no time and as such I assume it was small. I have no idea because blizzard put no counter display attached to this update.

So i continue with my installation and notice that the % counter here is moving ridiculously slow. So I started doing some digging via various forums and a healthy dose of Google, only to discover that despite the fact that I have a hard copy of the game, it is largely downloaded from the internet.

Does Blizzard care so little for me and those in my position that they would doom us to never being able to play their wonderful new product?

Or must I haul my PC to a friend house two towns away in order to download (and possibly play) this next installment of a story I have been privy to since I was around twelve? I have easilly bought two copies each of D1 and D2 over the years. I would hate to ask for my money back on this one just because they're paranoid about piracy.
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