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Diablo 3 has memory leaks issues, please read


I can definitely tell you D3 has memory leaks issues for sure. At least with Mac Pro + 8800GT 512MB + 10.7.4 + latest driver updates from nvidia.com for 10.7.4.

For example, i noticed that sometimes after a while, I get low fps (30fps) in New Tristram, while if I quit and relaunch the game, it jumps back to 60 fps (1080p + everything maxed except MSAA). Or maybe it's a spell or a specific effect that does it, but it occurs often. Not only New Tristram is slower, but most outdoors sections.

Switching from windowed to fullscreen doesn't change anything. Only way to fix this is to quit / relaunch the game.

Please fix it, thanks.
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I just started to have this problem. After about 5 minutes of playing my framerate drops drastically and game becomes slow to respond.
Quite annoying. I was playing since the servers went up without a single problem :/
OSX 10.6.8
2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
AMD Radeon HD6750M
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I guess you are using an iMac though so maybe it heats up ? At least I can definitely confirm the problem isn't heat in my case, since these issues usually affect mobility systems, and i'm running a desktop mac.

In fact, I'm not sure "time" really matter for the memory leak, I think a specific effect or trigger does it. Once I had it almost instantly, once I had it after teleporting when finding Cain in the cathedral. That's when it occurred. Not sure doing this quest triggers it every time though, but for sure before entering the cathedral, I didn't have this problem.
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Same here - I have 12 GB ram, i7, nvidia gtx440m w/ 1.5GB dedicated ram. This thing should scream along at high FPS. It does - for about a minute and a half.

So I have to alt-tab out, wait 30s, then pop back in to get it to reset.

Definite memory leak. Please fix, Blizz! :)
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I've noticed framerate dropoff in both Diablo III and WoW. Now here's the odd part, if it happens in one game, I will quit out, launch the other, and the second game will also run at a low frame rate. The only cure seems to be a full restart. Occurrences are days apart, but it does seem to be a function of usage time.

I'm running a 3.4GHz Core i7 iMac with 12G, and Radeon HD 6970M with 1G VRAM. System 10.6.8. Top looks OK, there is free RAM available. Temps seem OK, iStat shows GPU Diode at 59C, which is normal. Using the 64 bit client for WoW, if that makes any difference.

I therefore suspect there is a memory leak, not in main memory, but on the video board. Knowing both Apple and Blizz, it's also possible Blizz is using some deprecated call the the video driver that's causing problems. I have no hope of this being raised as a bug, we just have to hope it will be fixed in a future update by one party or the other.
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The same issue still appears with the latest update sadly.
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I'm getting kinda pissed off about this. I've opened support tickets, had some great (meaningfully) help... then I respond with more information, including the simple offer of more help as I was part of the Mac beta test program. Then I get a response from tech support simply saying they don't offer support for beta software and CLOSED THE FRIGGIN TICKET! There IS no more Diablo 3 beta test program anymore... Why do I need to tell YOU (Blizzard) that?!?!? And you close my ticket?!?!?

I've got a 2.3GHz quad core i7, 8GB RAM, 750GB 7200rpm Hybrid hard drive, AMD Radeon HD6750M with 1GB video card and Automatic Graphics Switching turned OFF. I've deleted the cache files (per technical support) and I'm getting sub 10 fps with no other apps running AND(!) all the graphics options turned as low as they can go! I also have fabulous internet. Speedtest just listed my internet speed as [Ping: 38ms, DL: 23.15Mbps, UL: 4.29 Mbps].

Listen... I love you guys Blizzard (well most of you anyway... the last tech that closed my support request can be shown the door as far as I'm concerned)... and I was happy to have helped you pretest this game. I gave you reports... I helped as much as I could. I'm struggling as to what the hell is going on...

It's NOT just that the game is slow... which is maddening enough... but lag in this game means death. Monsters jump around, input lag is horrendous, and any formidable collection of foes has no trouble killing me... over and over and over.

Here's the other thing... as many users have indicated... the lag isn't always there. Sometimes I see 60fps... It's NOT dependent on how many monsters are in play in the level I'm in... I can be in town running around in slow motion... and there are times when the screen is packed with foes and things are fine.

I know you love the software you write, but this has gone from a game I loved and have written nothing but positive reviews and recommendations, to a game that is frustrating and NOT FUN TO PLAY when it's misbehaving. It ran completely fine in the beta test and I played it enough to know... running at least one character in each character class up to the maximum level available in the beta.

I think it would be helpful to have more interaction with your Mac users. I think it would also be helpful to figure out what the heck happened between the beta program and the final release.

The one thing about Mac users as I generally know them is we WANT TO HELP. We're very happy and appreciative this product was released not only for the Mac as the PC, but at the same time for the same price. Now let us show you why we use the greatest computer platform on the planet and involve us more.

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You can check the Activity Monitor for memory usage (Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor), which should point to a leak if there is one. I've checked mine in windowed mode and have not noticed a leak. I believe the slow down you are experiencing is from something other than a memory leak.
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You can't see memory leak on the GPU in activity monitor.
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Right. My activity monitor says my machine is lounging about even though I'm getting 6+ fps with a Radeon HD 6750M with 1GB VRAM and all my graphics setting in the game as low as they can go.
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Sorry, was thinking of my own GPU which only has 256Mb and shares memory. Activity Monitor would catch a leak on it pulling from free memory after playing a while, right?
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I'll send this over for review by the team.
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iStat Menus can monitor GPU memory usage (oddly, it's under the CPU tab) When playing D3 it's always full on my HD 3000, but I'll test it on a 9400/9600GT Mac to see what it does!

Edit: Ok, this is what I found. Default, the 9600m GT (512MB dedicated RAM) defaults in the D3Prefs.txt file to Hardware Class 2, everything low and 1280x800. I played with it like that, sat in town, cmd+tab to desktop to check iStat, it was about 1/3 graphics memory usage. I then did a run from New Tristram to Old Tristram and back on Hell (Reign of the Black King) and got a solid 50+ fps. cmd+tab'd, iStat Menus showed about 1/2 graphics memory usage. I changed the settings to all high (no shadows and no antialiasing) and native resolution (1440x900). I quit D3 completely and restarted it, so the graphics memory was wiped (checked it) Did the same run again, cmd+tab, graphics memory at 1/2 usage in town then at the end of the run, 2/3. Again, it was a solid 40fps, so I quit D3.

I decided to change hardware class in the D3Prefs.txt file to "4" (leaving all the settings on high/native) and did the same. New Tristram, graphics memory was over 1/2 usage, and by the end, it was full! For most of the run, I had 30fps solid (and it was glorious!) until I hit the stuttering, just as I entered Old Tristram.

This says to me (I'm no expert on graphics/coding/etc) that the advanced spell effects of hardware class 4 aren't clearing from graphics memory and are causing the GPU to struggle. Meaning 'lesser' cards (like my Air's 384MB HD 3000) are getting bogged down quicker and are getting stutter from the get go (plus this could explain why changing settings makes no difference with hardware class 4!) But as S4d1k said in another thread, they've found the cause of the stutter, so I'm more than likely wrong about this!

Anyway, that's what I found, I didn't test the 9400m (256MB shared), however, I assume that would be affected quicker. I can test it if needed though!
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I play on a Macbook Pro and I have experienced the symptoms that you are describing. Eventually my game will start chugging and when it does it effects all system performance. Restarts may or may not help. It used to happen during WoW (and other non-Blizz games). Sometimes it would smooth itself out after awhile. Sometimes not.

That is not a memory leak. There may be memory leaks with the game (probably, there is, considering the state of the mac client at release) but I found that my troubles were caused by overheating. They still occur when I get overheating (up around 90some degrees C). However, I took preventative measures against overheating that seem to be enough to keep my system cool and performing as well as a 9400m can.

1) Download smcFanControl. This made a huge difference for me. Cranked up the fan to 6000RPM and made sure that the vent was clear at all times (not covered by blankets as my laptop rested on my belly as I lay in bed. Yes, I have to get out of bed to play D3 now. It is a hard and cruel world).
2) Place on a surface that helps diffuse heat. You can even get cooling pads to rest your laptop on but I haven't had to do that.
3) A cooler surrounding air temperature seems to help. I live in Halifax so I just turn my furnace off.

Try this out and stop staring at Activity Monitor. The game is working fairly well on my 9400m (significantly better than post patch, to the point that it is now playable). I assume programmed memory leaks would be affecting me, too, if they existed, but I don't see the symptoms you describe except in relation to an overheating issue that I now have under control.
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I'm having the same problem with my laptop.

At first I can easily get 60 fps at the lowest setting with High Texture.

I'm running on i3 processor and Nvidia 520m card.

However since the patch, I"m only getting 30 fps and it even goes below 10 fps.
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Has anyone actually run instruments on this to see if there are real memory leaks?
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I've done tests to see what the memory usage is, but no actual numbers (see my post above!)
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For me it was only the latest patch that turned my FPS to hell (and all the other levels as well). The game is hardly playable now.

Hardware Overview:

Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro6,2
Processor Name: Intel Core i7
Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB
L3 Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 8 GB
Processor Interconnect Speed: 4.8 GT/s

NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M:

Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M
Type: GPU
Bus: PCIe
PCIe Lane Width: x16
VRAM (Total): 512 MB
Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de)
Device ID: 0x0a29
Revision ID: 0x00a2
ROM Revision: 3560
gMux Version: 1.9.21
Boot ROM Version: MBP61.0057.B0C
SMC Version (system): 1.58f16
State: Enabled
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I also made the point and said that one of the issues was a memory leak. I too know what to look for and have used activity monitor. Instead, Blizzard said it was my computer was defective or it's heat related. News flash, I'm obviously not alone and it's reassuring to see others with the same point. Either that or everyone's macs are defective. (Hint: Blizzard, the last option is not likely)
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06/13/2012 11:04 AMPosted by Barrett
I also made the point and said that one of the issues was a memory leak. I too know what to look for and have used activity monitor. Instead, Blizzard said it was my computer was defective or it's heat related. News flash, I'm obviously not alone and it's reassuring to see others with the same point. Either that or everyone's macs are defective. (Hint: Blizzard, the last option is not likely)

You cannot effectively track using Activity Monitor. Activity Monitor shows usage, not allocation/release tracking. You need to use Instruments to do this. :|
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