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Diablo 3 has memory leaks issues, please read

I'm also experiencing the same thing as Concurrency (same MBP). The patch before RMAH drops my FPS from 60 to ~10 after a few mins.
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Having similar issues to some of the users in this thread. For a few minutes I can play at 60 fps but it quickly drops to 12, and rebooting my computer is the only way to (temporarily) fix the problem. The game becomes very unresponsive, with a noticeable delay between any trigger and its action (i.e. buttons highlighting on mouseover or trying to move my character). It even happens in the menus, not just in-game. This just started happening yesterday.
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You cannot effectively track using Activity Monitor. Activity Monitor shows usage, not allocation/release tracking. You need to use Instruments to do this. :|[/quote]

Activity monitor aside, just the symptoms of how it comes on is indicative of a memory leak. How's that for ya?
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I am also having the problem a great many mac users are describing. I can play normally for a few minutes (the amount of time seems somewhat random), then suddenly the sound starts getting very choppy and the frame rate drops to almost nothing (mouse response as well). If I don't do something about it, the game often causes the machine to hard-lockup and require a forced restart from the switch on the computer.

In experimenting trying to determine the cause, I've gone through all the steps listed on the "troubleshooting diablo III on a mac" thread - no difference whatsoever after completing the steps. I can play for anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes before the problem occurs. I've also tried disabling sound entirely, dropping graphics to minimums, etc... none of those changes has made any difference in regards to these problems.

Here's where it gets interesting (to me) - I have two monitors connected to my machine. I run Diablo III in fullscreen windowed mode on the main monitor. On the second monitor, as part of my troubleshooting, I've been running some hardware monitors as well as Activity Monitor to see if I could find any other random software or processes causing the problem. I found that while my processors are normally running at low utilization even while playing the game, when the problem starts happening the processors start getting hammered. They steadily increase in utilization until all four cores are fully utilized (if you leave it long enough to do so). Strangely however - if I click on activity monitor (and therefore background diablo III), after a couple seconds (literally one to three seconds) the cpu utilization drops back to normal. I can then click back into the game and play for another random period of time before it starts utilizing the processors again. Each time, clicking into activity monitor temporarily fixes the problem.

I do not see that any additional memory gets used during these times, just processor. It's possible there are some memory leaks, but I have not seen any evidence of it in my case.

Due to this being an exceptionally annoying way to play (and of course sometimes the timing of the problem gets me killed), I am more than interested in trying to fix this problem. If anyone in a position to do anything about it needs anything from me - please contact me and let me know, I'm willing to do whatever testing is necessary to move this problem forward and hopefully get it solved for everyone.

My system specs:
MacPro1,1 (Late 2007)
2 x Dual-Core 3.00GHz Xeon (5160) [4 cores total, 4MB L2, 1.33 GHz bus]
16GB DDR2 667MHz FB-DIMM [8 x 2GB Modules, all Apple Certified]
ATI Radeon HD 3870 512MB Graphics (1920x1200 main, 1680x1050 secondary)
OS X Lion 10.7.4 (64-bit)

I wouldn't think drives would matter in this case, but who knows:
2 x ST31000333AS Terabyte SATA hard disks (First of these is startup drive, 75% free)
2 x WD1003FBYX-01Y7B0 Terabyte SATA hard disks
Apple SuperDrive
Pioneer BDR-206D Blu-Ray burner (SATA)

And using an old Logitech G15 keyboard (with and without drivers is the same), and a Razer Naga mouse.

I also have a 2010 MacBook Pro that this problem does not occur on. It doesn't play the game near as well though, so I do not like playing on that machine if I can avoid it.

Hopefully, this will help someone (preferably it will point some developers in the right direction to find the issue as well).
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I actually noticed it's not THAT random. It happens after entering different zones, then finally THIS or THAT zone triggers the lag.. Here, i go from 60fps (almost all the time) to 30fps when this happens...

If i quit / relaunch the game, as I said, this zone is smooth again (60fps). I don't use a laptop or iMac (mac pro !!!) so for sure it's not heating.

Finally, I noticed that when a lot happens (lots of mobs) or when these big guys explode with the worms, the game is slow as hell (13 fps), till i kill them all, then it's 60 again...

But, on Windows it stays 60 fps! It's really really bothering.

Blizzard, feel free to contact me if you need deeper tests, but it looks like GPU memory leak to me... (I didn't try with another GPU though, mine is a 8800 GT)
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Just wanted to post that it seems I found a dirty workaround for this... If I change my resolution from OSX (not the game itself) while the game is running, I don't have to actually restart the game, and performances are back to normal, till next zone that will kill my FPS (usually the Leoric dungeon always does it for me when I TP back to down) but it's really hard to know which zone / scene is gonna trigger this bug...
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same issue after that patch huge memory leak used to run at 500,000 now will go from 500,000 - 1 mil memory usage in course of 15 minutes.
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Yea I start at 480,000 and after 15 minutes it break 1mil memory usage every time and it will never go back down even if I go to the title screen and sit there.
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I can confirm this issue on my Windos 7 x64 machine. Running on a GTX N560, intel i7@3.5ghz with 8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz mem with an SSD 6gb/s.

Diablo runs good for a while but as my fellow D3 gamers noticed the game will drop FPS in certain areas of the game. The memory usage goes from 600mb till 1.25+ gigabyte.

In the resource monitor of my system it said the Diablo III instance was generating 14 memory faults a second. My GPU usage went up from 10% to 80% and my cpu went from 5% to 15% usage.

After reset game functions normally again untill the next leak (happens atleast twice a day).

Clear story to me.


Im using the 301.42WHQL Nvidia driver version.
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Wow, that's amazing. I don't hit the memory leak problem as bad, but like you, I see the results. I have 16 gigs of system ram and 2 gigs of the video memory so I can usually play for a while until heat seems to become my main enemy and the constant hard drive access issues.

I know that with Blizzard being on the chopping block that they are seemingly very nonchalant about this whole thing. They have our money, and they are happy with it. Vivendi has Blizzard churning out possible 3 games this year to hopefully increase their return on sale and as a customer leave us possibly will ill supported software and no recourse. So I'm very apprehensive about spending any further money with the company. One of the reasons I haven't paid for WoW in a long time. It used to be blizzard was a safe bet regardless. However, the wind seems to be changing direction.
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Diablo 3 1.04
Running on Windows 7 64 Bit via Boot Camp on a MacBook Pro 2011 8GB of RAM

Getting stuck on "Updating setup files" when trying to open Diablo 3.
Takes 20 minutes to update all files and for the Launcher button to say "play".

Once in the game, everything has a delay, from logging in to entering the game with a character.

I checked Task Manager and sure enough memory usage is up at 6.7GB out of 8GB. (With no other programs open).

Entire system runs sluggish, with CPU stutter whenever I have the "Updating setup files" problem.

Fixed upon reboot, but will come back occasionally and have no way of fixing.

Deleting Agent folder does not work, and the service secondlogin is automatic and running.
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I have a sinking feeling that these issues will never be resolved.
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09/05/2012 07:44 PMPosted by oldmannoob
I have a sinking feeling that these issues will never be resolved.

Correct. They're A) incompetent or B) simply don't care.
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I suggest checking activity monitor as one

also, some say restarting helps. Also be aware, on 10.7 and 10.8, there is a fatal apple bug that causes games to run as much as 66% slower after sleep mode has been used, and it's only resolved by a system reboot. 10.6 is not afflicted with this problem however.So if you've used system standby or sleep recently, make sure you reboot to restore full opengl rendering performance.

All the heresy and namecalling of blizzard is why threads like this don't get many blue responses though. When threads stay on topic and constructive, blue's are inclined to be more forthcoming in replies.

My feedback on performance, i haven't noticed any such issue where it gets worse over time, and i've had many multi hour play sessions on 1.0.4. the only FPS problems i've seen are just stutter from the new shadders that have been in place since 1.0.2b+ that changed the texture loading from all at once on zone enter to dynamically loaded on demand as you go. However, this was done to appease some low end cards at good cards expense. I hope they find a more elegant solution one day though.
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I wonder when people will realize you cannot track memory leaks from activity monitor.
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09/07/2012 06:40 AMPosted by MysticalOS
I suggest checking activity monitor as one

I have to say please refrain from giving dud advice. You can not know definitively of a memory leak from Activity Monitor. And even a slight memory leak is not that bad an issue. Safari used to have a memory leak, but with enough RAM in your Mac you don't even feel it.

And that fatal bug you describe with sleep mode is just not true. I often run Diablo 3 right after unsleeping my Mac. Often as in done it well over 100x now on 10.8 and not once have I had D3 run slower.

I don't want to say bad things about you. But please if you want to give out advice, please do a little research first. As most of what you said is simply not true.
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I have to reboot about once a week due to the memory leaks. Activity Monitor shows Blue inactive memory building each day directly related to Diablo (Starcraft for matter too). Finally when the green free memory runs out the FPS drops greatly. My Mac is iMac Late 2009 27" which Radeon 4850.
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The standard "blue" section in activity monitor isn't displaying leaks, that is inactive memory. Inactive memory is memory space that was once allocated for an application (such as Diablo III or Starcraft 2) and has now been quit. The system will try to preserve application memory after quitting for as long as possible to allow you to start up the application again without having to wait for it to load itself and its data into memory again. For most applications the delay for allocation isn't noticeable on the user end, but that allocation is essential for it to run properly. Once the system has run out of free memory space (I believe the standard color for it is green), then it will start reclaiming previously used memory space (inactive memory). If you wish to force the system to clear the inactive memory space (typically you will see a performance increase in memory intensive applications such as game, video rendering, VMs, etc) then you can open up Terminal.app and type the command "purge" (without quotes) and hit enter. You might have to wait a minute or two for it to finish, but it will "free" up all the inactive memory.
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DirkGently is right but I will explain more.

In activity monitor you have 4 allocations for memory.

I will just quote from this article as it describes it better then I can.
Wired memory is used by the OS and is pretty much untouchable. Another application can't "borrow" wired memory.

Active memory is what is currently in use by running applications. Note that thanks to the splendors of virtual memory, all of the memory needed by an application isn't necessarily contained here. If you look at a running process in the Activity Monitor list, you'll see a column for Real and a column for Virtual Memory. Since we are talking about the amount of RAM in use, we won't worry about virtual memory for the moment. If there is no inactive, or free memory, active memory can be used by other applications, but this causes the OS to write the current state of the active memory being traded to its owner's virtual memory pages on disk before granting the memory to another application.

Inactive memory is memory that has recently been used by an application that is no longer running. OSX keeps track of what this is and what it belonged to because of the idea of temporal locality, the idea being that if you opened an application you are somewhat likely to do so again and if the memory is still labeled, the application can start very quickly. In the absence of sufficient free memory, inactive memory will be reclaimed by another running application that needs memory.

Free memory is just that, free. Nothing has a claim on it, and it's up for grabs for any application that needs it.

So basically consider your available memory as free+inactive.
And if you want to free up more memory to use you can kill some process in the activity monitor. But that is bad idea most times. Best to just quit as many applications you have open if you need more memory.
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