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Has anyone found a set item or smith plan?

Our group is nearly on Inferno and we still haven't found a single set item or a single blacksmith plan. Has anyone managed to find any of these or are they not in the game yet? Picture would be appreciated.
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I found a plan on Normal. I forget where exactly, but it was either in Act 3 or 4.
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My friend found a couple BS plans in nightmare, I still don't know anyone who's found any set pieces.
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i have found over 30+ BS plans and jewelcrafting pages but havnt seen a single legendary item yet and no one has found a set item yet.

if you look at auction house there is no option for set items so i assume they havnt put them in the game yet
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Probably telling people how to suck eggs but +Magic find bonus on items might help. A friend has found 5 or 6 set items and a couple of legendary.

Have found a few legendary myself.
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I found one legendary (lv 15 belt...pfft)
1 set item (the ring on Demon Hunter's set, and I'm barb . . although I use it since the 150 regen helps with between-fight travel and with it I have decent amount regen to drop Invigorate for Impunity on Warcry)

But no plan yet, I'm still working on upgrading the artisans though (mainly for achivement, but also because I am not co-oping through Inferno so having access to the high end gems might be useful)
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I found a legendary blacksmith plan in nightmare. Bitterness, or something. Sold it for like 200k.
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I found a Legendary Blacksmith plan in act 2 Hell that allows me to craft all 3 pieces of the Guardian's Regalia Set.
Also found a plan to craft Rare Shoulder Armor lvl 60 with 4 properties in act 1 inferno

Other than that only found 2 Legendarys, Hammer Jammers in act 1 hell and Ambo's Pride in act 2 hell

Friend found Blackthorne's Breeches in Act 1 inferno in the cave that you fight the spider queen.
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i got an exhaulted plan last night in inferno.
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i'm sure you all know this by now, but i'll just put this in there. I've heard this, and I believe it's not just rumor - you can't find set items until 60, the plans for the lower level set items also in inferno. The rumor is that you can't find set items until 60, and i have yet to find 1. I've bought a few, but found none.
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I have found set items in my 20s 30s and 40s. I also have found set items on my 60s. I have found plans all over also. But i have over 300 hours on my main guy. Put that into perspective. Farming solo seems to go by alot quicker then with PUGs. Learn to play alone in inferno for the most drops.
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