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BattleTag and RealID. I still don't fully get the difference or why we need two systems.
Blizz, you're awesome. Most others would've said "too bad" if people had names they didn't like.
Just want to change my battletag so the first character is capitalized but I get an error saying you can't change it to the same name. Well, it's not exactly the same! Please allow us to change the casing in our battletags. I assumed my character name was the one everyone would see not the battletag, ya my mistake, but it would be nice if we could change the casing in our battletags.
Yay. Now I can add the "S" I forgot.

Thanks, Blizz. For the second time. :)
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05/18/2012 08:41 AMPosted by Brinkman
BattleTag and RealID. I still don't fully get the difference or why we need two systems.

RealID is when people add your email address linked to your battlenet account. When they add your real id your REAL name is shown on their friends list.

Battletag only shows your handle on their friends list.
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If you change your battletag, does it reset your account?
Cool, question does the battletag get in the way or just ur username when on forums blizzard games etc?
why is there even a limit at all?
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05/18/2012 04:33 PMPosted by TwoCoins
My SC2 and DIABLO3 has the same battletag however my numbers are different. How do i change my tag to the ones i use for SC2.... I want to play with some SC2 friends but i dont have any other method to contact them since they are not realID friends.

I haven't changed my SC2 yet, though it is different than my battle tag that I was prompted to create for Diablo. My fear is what you are seeing that the unique identifier number will be different if I did try to match them. Quick question to Blizz, how do we fix that so both games have the same battle tag?
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05/19/2012 12:09 AMPosted by Kelter
why is there even a limit at all?

I would second this question. Not sure what the purpose to limited changes is.
Haha i must have put in 100 tickets for a new battletag, ty blizzard for this!
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05/19/2012 04:03 AMPosted by Psynister
why is there even a limit at all?

I would second this question. Not sure what the purpose to limited changes is.

15 dollar Battletag name changes. Pretty sure this refresh was as easy as hitting a button. You actually think that name/race/faction changes take a lot of work? Enough to warrant a 10 or 15 dollar fee? Name changes at the very least were free in vanilla.
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The problem is because of that stupid name "battletag", they should have called it "Game Name" or something like that.
That is nice but all I would like to change in my Battletag is replacing the second uppercase letter that I miss-typed with the lowercase one. However if I try I get an error stating the new Battletag needs to be different from the old one -_-
If I had known there would be a second opportunity to update my Battletag I would have changed it earlier and then switched back to the correct name today :/

Is there anything you could do for me?
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I know that the four digit identifier is mandatory, but is there a way that we can choose what four numbers we want?
mmm... don't want to lose #1666 but I want to capitalize my name
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Just want to thank you guys for giving us this name change. Was disappointed when I was forced to change mine because of a bug, and can now change it back to what I originally had/wanted!
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