So after alot of playing around and careful decision making this is what i've come to on my build so far, given things might and probably will change with scaling gear and such. im currently level 42 near 43, about to finish nm act2, and so far this build is working quite well for all situations.

Ignore pain is an excellent counter measure to those pesky champion packs, charge provides excellent AoE damage to deal with mass mob groups, along with cleave if i screw up and have to wait for CD, and hammer seems to really be the only worthy rage dump there is, i may even change out and have bash(frenzy) whichever, cleave, charge, and use zerker rage but thus far im getting 5-6k HotAs, so its not likely.

I know people are going to comment on my lack of revenge, but I was actually using revenge up until I decided to trade it out for ignore pain. Revenge, as much as I love it, is a gimmicky ability that really only finds its best use when you're in the middle of huge groups, which conveniently enough is where charge excels, and typically I find myself only really needing it versus champion packs, and even then it doesn't proc enough to really help much against the tougher groups, whereas having ignore pain for that massive DR AND sustain has made things flow a bit easier.