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Barb tanking build questions

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So I have been tanking since I created my barb and he is lvl 35 act 2 NM. Can't post my skill or rune setup because I'm on my phone ATM. I have 3.2k armor with shout and 8k HP with 20% resistance. I'm useing cleave with knockback on crits, rend with healing. Ground slam with increased effect area and pull in, revenge with increased healing, battle shout with increased armor, and ignore armor win knock back.

Currently with the items I have nothing in NM has been able to kill me and have had to solo 3 bosses due to my Co op partner scintillation then reconnecting. Just wondering if my current trend will be able to sustaine me into hell or will I need to focus on other stats.

Any and all feed back will be helpful, but bear in mind yes I deal almost no dmg as this disbanded Co op build.
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I just made a thread about my tanking spec. It's pretty similar to yours but focuses a little more on heavy damage abilities while trying to max CC and self healing. I definitely had soloing in mind messing with my build.

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Ok just read it. Only difference I'm having in terms of dmg is my pos wep once I get that upgraded I'll use earthquake with snare n slow. Btw 700 vit 350 str need more str IMO. What gems you recomend in other slots currently useing % health helm thorns for wep and straight vitality for other....may change wep to dmg and other to str gems.
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