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What is this crap?!


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Seriously?.. blizzz?... i been with u guys since Starcraft Demo i got back in like 1997(?)
back when Zerg where called Zenomorphs, after that i got the game, along with Diablo 1 and later Diablo 2 and LOD,... and now it seems no one will say it, so i will..

What did you guys do?... you've ruined everything now... Diablo 3 sucks. look at all the things you have removed, look at the skills tree, gone, u give us name restrictions?! I cant call my sorc Zamsuka, or remake my charter LordBloodFox? not to mention since you guys came out with WoW youve remade almost every game in its footsteps, I got Wings of liberity, and i......li..ke...it?.... its not the same as SC and its defently NOT as much fun as Broodwars, (BTW you should make a patch for them to make it so u can play them on new computers, mainly the resolution is crazy large..) where is out player skill point in D3? o right, GONE! there gors an amazing array of customised charaters, what about my track weel? GONE like, it seems your just re-wrapping the wow crap, GET OFF WOW DAMMIT, WOW is WOW, Starcraft is Starcraft, and Diablo -Was- Diablo....

and whats with this no more LAN play?!?! i played D2, LOD and D1 all with my mom on a 2 computer LAN, it was everything to her, she loved it, now we cant do that..

Who ever is making decisions up there and saying they are good, is smoken some bad grass..

on my last note, i give this 2 days before blizzard removed my post, cuz it dont like my post..
not ever gamer is an 8y/o kid, some of us have been waiting like YEARS for this to come out, and now i feel like a child on how dumed down its become. and what happened to just a simple regular attack?! now its all flash and OMG WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE 4 PPL HAVE AN EPIC BATTLE! -.-;;;; seriously to anyone who has NOT gotten this game yet, dont... re-install your D2 and LOD, thats what i think im goina do, cuz Diablo 3 is not giving me a Diablo experience that through 4 tittles ive gotten in the past, and now this.
(Diablo 1, Diablo 1 Hellfire, Diablo 2, Diablo 2 LOD all AMAZING!!! )

P.S. Any 8y/o kid out there is not allowed to post, ONLY SEASONED VET'S PLEASE POST!!
If you played D1, D1 Hellfire, D2, D2 LOD then PLEASE post, let me know what you think, myself.. if i where a game raiter, i would rate this game 10/10 if it dident have the diablo tittlement, but since its diablo and its not giving the proper diablo experance and so im left empty, im giving it a 3 / 10 since the graphics are nicer, but still WOW like... Do us gamers a faver blizz, Please give LOD and Starcraft Broodwars, the update to allow new computers to play them properly please..

*We love getting constructive feedback from the community, but this post (starting with the title) is not constructive. I've closed this thread for now. Please refrain from future such posts.- Nethaera
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To begin, you sound like an 8 year old with the OMGs, WTFs and ;;;;; whatever that is supposed to represent.

I've played everything Blizzard since WarCraft I. I've played all of the previous Diablo games and expactions. StarCraft 2 is better than BW. The big name pro players backed by KESPA are now moving onto it since it is the superior game. Only reason they hadn't done so earlier was purely political.

I won't say D3 is better than D2/1. Not until I beat Inferno. But so far I'm enjoying it much more than D2, which was a great game for its time. It has been covered a million times over that skill points and attribute points gave the illusion of customization but did not offer true customization. Everyone looked up builds online and seldom did anything original or unique. And everyone only placed enough attribute points in their stats to wear the best gear they had then dumped the remaining points into health. Again, no customization.

The only legitimate complaint you've mention is LAN. I personally always have a reliable internet connection available so I'm not bothered but I can see this affecting people that don't.

As for your array of customized characters, now you can have 1 or 2 of each character and an array of gear sets to support various builds. Same concept, different setup.
For every one person like you that dislikes D3, there is 100 of us that love it. Keep up the good work Blizz, Diablo 3 is awesomely addictive and fun!
I dont understand the logic behind these people that think having a huge array of viable skills provides LESS character customization than spamming 1 or 2 skills for the entire game...
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Played all Blizz games since the first Diablo and I disagree with all your points.

Awesome game, def check it out and you can for free with guest pass so no reason for anyone not to.
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I wanted to agree with some of your points, but any post that ends in NO KIDS ALLOWED ONLY SEASONED VETS doesn't make you come across as very mature yourself.
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05/18/2012 04:48 AMPosted by Diggles
It's sad that you were playing a T-rated game in 1997, yet you still have the spelling and grammar of an autistic third-grader.

Hey now, that's crossing a line!

An autistic third grader could be reading this, and you don't want to offend the poor thing.
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I played all the blizzard games starting with D1 when i was about 7yrs old.. idk i guess i can agree alot has been changed in D3. There are something i do miss. I think its dumb that it doesn't show char names. Not a big deal though. No open world pvp is kinda lame but they haven't released the arena system yet so that could possibly be better well see..

All in all yea they took out alot of cool things. I was disappointed about no skill trees at first but now that i have played many hrs i have decided i like it better this way. auto statting us just makes it easier cuz lets be honest whether we click the stats or its auto is gonna be pretty damn similar. The rune system on the skills is awesome. I thought i was gonna hate it but i love it. Im a barb and i love switching up all the skills and runes based on if im using a 2hander, 2 1handers, or a shield and sword. makes it feel much more customizable than D2. Yea you chose your skills in D2 and it made you feel like u had this epic customized char.. but rlly all we were doing was building the tree to get to that main skill that we just spammed over and over.. D3 so far seems to utilize all skills that are given at different times..

In conclusion i have to say although there are some things missing that i wish they didn't change. Overall this is a better game and there has been many more steps forward than backward
D1 D2 SC vet here.

Diablo 3 is utter rubbish if you factor in the net service which is TIED to the single player game.
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to the ones who just attacked my spelling and grammer, i have learning disabilitys.

I Loved the ability of making my paladin into a sorta, knight class, i liked having Deaths (although crappy set) i liked having sanders taboo, i liked having lots of abilitys, i liked going into werewolf and spreading rabies then building up power, and That kind of game play is what i was expecting from a Diablo tittle.

and im sorry that no one here shares my POV when i say that since WOW came out they've made every tittle more and more like wow, and im sorry but i gotta disagree with SC2 better then BW, BW was soo much more, i DO like the RPG-ish style they gave SC2, making you have a tech path, loved that.. but i missed how it took me like, 7 days to beat the game, i got SC2 for xmas, and was done it the next day... i feel they have just slipped into a groove that ment for WoW Style game play and they are just spreading the peanut butter over all the tittles.

and i asked for vets, cuz like, I own every bliz game as they game out, the only exception is WoW, i wont play that. but Warcraft 1, LOVED IT! back in the day, WC2 and TOD, loved em!! and loved em more when i got Battle.net edition, i just wanted not to have some diehard kid that has never played LOD come in here and say D3 is amazing and not have ANY idea what it use to be.

and for the record, i never once, ever copped a LOD chara template, i loved my Icepaladin too much... and my puppy...

so again, im sorry that i dont spell 100% amazing, and my grammar is bad, but if that's your only post in here that sad on your part to point out a disability with someone.
And to the other gamers that responded, im sorry that i just dont see D3 in the same light as you.. im playing it with the mindset that its a different game then the Diablo series, kinda like serria made Hellfire, but still... i miss feeling more like my chara is my own, and not what is expected of my chara... know what i mean?.. :/ Probably not.. :\
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if i where a game raiter, i would rate this game 10/10 if it dident have the diablo tittlement, but since its diablo and its not giving the proper diablo experance and so im left empty, im giving it a 3 / 10

So this is what you do: Pretend the game has another name. Call it Diabolic. There you go.
Now enjoy your 10/10 game. Have a nice day.
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lol, pritty much what im doing XD
and now it seems no one will say it, so i will..

Actually maybe read a little bit before you post.. People have been saying it.

Beyond that.. I'm enjoying D3.. have a great day.
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I can understand where your comin from..

One thing i find kinda lame about D3 is the whole main story seems kind of predictable so far. Seems like they put more thought into the side stories than the main.

I loved the D1 story. It had so much depth and epicness to it where you actually felt like you were part of the story.

I love the side stories in D3 so far like all the journals and tomes u pick up randomly with short lore tales from random people. Like going through A1 finding the journals from king leoric and then the scene of him killing his wife in the torture chamber. Made me feel as if i was actually part of the story. But the main story i kinda just feel like I know whats coming before i get there.
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to the ones who just attacked my spelling and grammer, i have learning disabilitys.

Don´t like it, don´t play it. Simple as that.
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