Diablo® III

Fortune Shrine and others

Hello I was wearing magic find gear and when I clicked a Fortune Shrine, I checked details and it told me that I only ha 25% MF when I know I had more than that, IDK if it's just a kink in the details or if the fortune shrine actually reduces MF to 25%?

Also using Bash (Barbarian) with the rune Punish, IDK if it's actually working or not, there is no indicator buff that pops up when I use it.

Using Battle Rage with Inspiring Presence (passive) doesn't add 1% life regeneration, as it indicates it should and using Battle Rage with the rune Bloodshed hasn't procced for me yet been using it a lot.

War Cry with rune Invigorate isn't showing visuals on followers specifically templar not sure if it wont on others yet.

I think I saw more but cant remember them because I've been so engrossed with this game. LOVING IT! Great job! :)
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I'm 85% sure the fortune shrine only enhances your gold find.

edited - never mind
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Also Tough as Nails passive ability isn't accurately showing the thorns damage increase in the details or is not actually increasing it at all
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Leap with passive unforgiving isn't generating fury.

As well as ground somp

As well as ancient spear... I'm wondering if the passive unforgiving is preventing from further fury gain?
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I'm an idiot.... they have to hit something in order to generate fury...
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I'd like to confirm that in my stat table, the bonus to thorns damage with Tough as Nails either is not showing the bonus correctly on my stat table or is bugged and is not adding the 50% bonus to thorns damage stated in the tooltip.
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I have also noticed this bug... I would have 60% magic find and when I click on the fortune shrine I would find nothing magic at all.. If it truly adds 25% then my total should have been 85% chance to find magical items, however I have gotten none at all after clicking the shrine.
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