Diablo® III

D3 Slows Down/Crawls in Sewers & Spider Cave

For water areas, you may see an improvement by changing this line in D3Prefs.txt. This lowers the shader quality and removes all the fine ripples and reflections. Still looks good though.

change from:
ReflectionQuality "0"

ReflectionQuality "1"

Keep in mind this is only a temp solution, as this file will change with updates.
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i tried the vsync and the reflectionquality but what eventually worked was making it windowed mode and once i made it small enough it started working
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bump, water rendering is still an issue blizzard.
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Here is a reasonable answers "They don't really care" because we're going to be playing their game anyways right?
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Here's an update. I've been re-evaluating Ambient Occlusion. I used to think it looked great but after comparing some screenshots, I see it mostly just interferes with the game design (dark shadows in the fog and sparkles).

So disabling AO has locked fps to 60 in the water areas, even after increasing shadows to high. I have an nvidia GTX 560.
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I don't know about you guys, but after that patch a few days ago my Diablo is flying.

I was having the exact same problem in the spider cave and sewers. I didn't change anything except install that patch. I didn't see anything mentioned in the list of things they corrected, but it's working way faster now and that's alllll I need :)
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I have been experiencing serious framerate drops in the eastern and western channels(sewers) still. Not one of the patches has helped with this. Its not that HUGE of a issue with me, but it does become quite irritating while im being mobbed. Is this still occurring with anyone else?
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It's because of the mist and physics. For some reason Diablo 3 runs the physics on only ONE core even if you have 4... I checked with Task Manager whenever I get slowdowns. I recorded a video somewhere that shows this.
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Same problem. But such an interesting thing it never happen when I was playing in normal level, Then when I started to play in Nightmare level this damn thing got slow and honestly I don't think it is related to specific spots or maps on the game. It's just disgusting!
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well, seems someone already point this out.
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Might be a bit late, but I'm now having this problem more then ever on every map. Sometimes it happens after five minutes and sometimes after two hours but sooner or later it always happens. Is there still no fix?
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same issue common blizz fix the game. this is a 5 page topic I think its time you oh I don't know...do your job?
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