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I Lost All My Money and Items?

Ok, nerevarine

I'm from the Uk and this is also happening in the UK and europe and you're telling everyone here that it's not possible, it hasn't happened as IT'S IMPOSSIBLE" to be hacked, as all gamers are stupid?

Just wait until the Asia message boards, start getting threads about losing money et cetera.

Will you be so sure of yourself...that everybody are liars, stupid pillocks et cetera?
i'm only in act 3 normal..
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My buddy just lost all his. We were playing, took a smoke break, and when we came back he was DC'd. Logged in, and no items except 1 ring. Level 21 wizard, Normal.
Just found all my items and gold gone as well.

Two new level 1 characters on my friend's list: asdasd (Matthew De Ruyter) playing leilllll and lei yong (yong lei) playing ffflllll

Hope Blizzard investigates and don't just copy paste answers telling us to secure our account; or worse, Bashiok telling us to ensure we've logged into the correct region.
I was at act 4 nightmare, literally just defeated Azmodan when I logged off, next day I log in and low and behold my items/gold are gone. When I logged in I was in act 1 normal however.
i was lvl 50 nm act4. i have declined the rollback for now as i dont know if they will fix it without it. first, i dont want to lose my past 48 hours of playing, and second i dont want to "use up" the rollback.
lei yong (yong lei) playing ffflllll was also on my list as a lvl 1 monk who i have never played with or heard of till now :/
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05/19/2012 08:16 PMPosted by RoninJinn
My buddy just lost all his. We were playing, took a smoke break, and when we came back he was DC'd. Logged in, and no items except 1 ring. Level 21 wizard, Normal.

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And I dont have any of the mentioned names on my friends list. Hacked hard. =\
YES. SAME HERE. D: What just happened? Did someone hacked into our accounts?
I sense hackers here.

My items, money, equipments are all gone.
The only thing left in my storage are a couple of gems.
:'< Why would anyone do this even.

Just finished getting Kulle's blood in Act 2 Nightmare, then I logged out to rest. Now I log in 10 hours later, everything's gone.
Hmm. I also read on another thread about the IncGamers having malware but since most people here don't seem to find anything on their system (and some people don't even know what that site is) it can't be that. It's not the authenticator. Not the AH.

The only connection I see anymore is the recently played people. Asdasd (which I've also seen mentioned in another thread), Leillllll, lei yong, cbvcb, and some "v" named guy.

Anyone see any other similarities?
all items and gold gone.. what should i do now sia.. start from act 1 again? crap...
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what just happened to me was interesting, was playing for roughly 5 hours tonight solo game. got kicked and a message saying i was logging in on another computer. odd i thought so i just logged back in. then it happened again about 30 seconds later. but i couldnt log back in this time because my password had now been changed, i quickly did pw recovery and i got back in about 2-3 minutes. logged in tristam with my bags and gold all gone except for whatever gems i had. few new low lvl people in my recently played list.
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i was level 58 selling gear in ah stocked up for about 600k, after like 20 tries i finally beat belial in hell solo, then i go into act 3 and turn in for the night i come back up everything is gone, i already posted this 6hours ago and still no reply

no motivation to play now, every single piece of gear i wore was customized and i had to find every single one of them on ah, now i have nothing
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I was playing with 2 friends and we all got disconnected, as it happens once and a while. After we logged back in, I got booted out of the game by a duplicate login. I'm not sure of the order of when this happened, but I got an email around this time (phone notification) and didn't pay any mind to it. It was a notification about my password being changed.

I reacted as quickly as I could and changed my password. During this time my friends reported that I was online. By the time I changed my pw, all of my items/inventory/gold were stolen minus a few pieces I was wearing. I added an auth as soon as I could after I logged in to boot the person/bot.

They made away with some good level 60 demon hunter rares (was on Act 2 of inferno) and all of my horded gold/gems/crafting mats. Hit the jackpot with my account :(

I received the same generic response from a GM after I sent in the support ticket regarding limited restorations.

All of this happened about 10-20 minutes after some server maintenance at 5 AM PDT.
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This seems like it'll be fixed by blizzard soon and everyone will most likely get restored. If it was hackers it will most likely cause a restoration of all affected accounts since Blizzard can't really just cut and paste that garbage response as to add an authenticator. That is not an acceptable solution to this problem.
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Yeah got all my gold the guy was alexbad19. I have seen him Mentioned twice on this thread so he is most likely one of the hackers. scanning for any keyloggers or Trojans right now.
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alexbad19 was in my recently played too
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