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question about skills/hotkeys

are you only allowed to use 1 skill at a time. for instance in my number 2 slot i have vault. but say i wanted to use another skill in the number 2 slot can i hotkey them to change them? in diablo 2 i had so many hotkeys for so many different types of combos etc. i really hope theres something im missing here. i dont want to be limited to 6 skills during a duel or anything.
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I am pretty sure you are restricted to a total of 6 abilities at a time, it forces you to make a strategic choice in which abilities you have out at any given time. If everyone had access to all abilities at all times it would 1) be confusing because you'd have a ton of bindings but 2) and more importantly [in my opinion] take out a lot of the strategy & differentiation between players of the same class.

As a side note in case you are not aware you can however turn on elective mode under gameplay options to further customize which 6 abilities to put where. By using elective mode you are no longer restricted to using just 1 primary/defensive/etc ability at a time and can choose which key to bind each ability to.
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ok thanks ill check out elective. i personally dont think having a restricted amount of skills able to use would take out any strategy. if you have more skills at your arsenal its harder to come up with a good strategy using a bunch of different skills. and since there is less available given skills used at a time, there will be less differentiation between characters.

i hope the pvp ends up being good. i know its not their main focus but thats the thing that kept me coming back to d2. just building good characters and dueling. i really wish they would focus a bit more on pvp for us folks who do enjoy it. not saying they shouldnt focus on pve either but imo they can have the pvp be seperate aka skills may be a little different etc..

i dont really like that guy jay attitude towards pvp. he even said "hey, shut up pvp guy"...blizzard is trying to make diablo into a casual newb friendly game that caters to little cry babies that cant handle being pk'd or what have you. i liked the freedom in d2. and if you didnt want to deal with that stuff you could make a private game...
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they dont want you to change skills on the fly. They are actively trying to stop that.
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i used to play a ghost sin and be pretty into gm dueling.

on average i would tele around, namelock and mb the person , place 3 light sentury and 2 wof traps out to stun the !@#$ out of them, tele ontop of them and tri whirlwind. then i would recase my shadow master, rinse and repeat. or if it was a nec or a sorc i would use dragon talon kick i think it was sometimes in place of ww. id also use blades to do some dot with psn. i loved that character because it actually took skill to play and there was so much going on.

why would they remove this?
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because they want you to think about your skills and make a choice. They want it to be important what skills you choose compared to the next guy.

If you could switch out skill sets, the fact that you are given every class skill would be horrible (whereas you got skill points in D2).
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yeah im not a big fan of the no skill points either...
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