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Any good dps, NON-vision quest builds? Hell+

Okay I'm a level 53 witch doctor at the moment, doing act 1 hell. I am currently sitting at 17k hp and 3k5 damage. I've tried several builds from here most of them vision quest builds cause it seems to be the only one that can keep up in dps with other players.

When playing with a direbat spam build with vision quest, i was advancing slowly through act 1. Kiting most elites/uniques for several minutes sometimes. But when I join a game with my friends, even with vision quest it seems like I cant spam those direbats cause il go OOM too fast anyway.(yes I manage my cooldowns relatively well)

I find they dont do enough damage single target and the only thing im good at is destroying large rooms of small enemies... but everybody is good at that anyway.

Anyway to the point: Any good dps builds for witch doctor that dont involve stupid vision quest. (I really don't like wasting my CD's just to keep that stupid regen up)

(This somehow posted before i finished writing. sry about that)
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Spirit walk with honored guest rune helps tons with mana-- not to mention being an invaluable asset to survivability in general.


This is what I'm using at the moment, might switch something out with jungle fortitude but I wouldn't recommend getting rid of spirit vessel. It's like a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Vision Quest-less~
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This is my spirit build. SPiders slow, Gargantuan meat shield, stackable spirit barrage for AOE, and haunt for single target. Mana is not an issue as long as your using haunt right.
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Thanks for the reply, I've been using spirit walk with honored guest since act 1 nightmare now, its been invaluable both for mana regen and getting out of tight situations.

I won't post my build cause it changed a good 10 times since I got to hell but spirit walk with honored guest and soul harvest never leave my build.

I'll give your build a try. At glance tho I feel like I won't be doing enough single target damage to help my teammates or to take out those especially strong elites.

Thanks for input.
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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but this build seems to help my barb friend catch up to enemies and also does fine DPS. I also never run out of mana and don't need honored guest (I use the health version). Still haven't died with it. Act 2 Hell as well.

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Just finished beating Diablo on Hell difficulty with this build. For weapons I use strong 2 handers and items that give me attack speed %. This build is very simple, just grasp enemies, hit with locusts then spam bats. This will destroy everything in your path.
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@ Desolater Its in options-> gameplay -> elective mode.

Thanks for your builds keep posting them I will probably try them all lol.

And about elective mode I think blizzard should of just put it that way from the start or have a message that tells you about it. Ive seen countless threads of people asking how to do it and its quite a game changer.
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