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Help me improve my build

Hi, guys
can you help with my build? I playing NM Act 2 with my 38 lvl monk. My build:

Basically scatter big groups and deals with the smaller using FoT with teleport.

Your thoughts

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to be honest, (i 'm 60 act 2 inferno)
u need to test so much builds to get fine with ur char.. it depends a lot

i used a lot kick spin in nightmare... cyclone strike in hell etc...

now i totally changed my build for inferno

the important thing is that U JUST CAN T PLAY WITHOUT UR ALLY :D
when ppl will understand that ally tank so much and cost only 25 spirit, spamable?
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Hey Bud,

You're on the right track. You've essentially got exactly the build I've got with one exception.

Change your right click to wave of light scattering instead. This allows you to disperse large groups of enemies when you get surrounded, and focus a couple of guys down when you need to. I use this a lot when I'm up against 3 blues + a horde of guys, or maybe a yellow and 2 blues; I use wave of light to scatter em, focus down a couple blues to weaken the group, keep pumping serenity and mantra of healing, and you're set.

Another thing, change your 7 sided strike to "25% change to stun." This has the same effect. When you're outnumbered, and you need a second so that you can split guys up or whatever, this will allow you to get enough health back just in time for you to slaughter the rest of the guys. I use this in the same situation (many blues with a tough yellow enemy).

Small other things I did: Serenity I've got the one that lands out holy damage, because you're usually using this when you've got guys all around you. Also because you don't need it with breath of heaven.

I think the rest is good. I found that on NM you need to be above level 40 soloing to be doing it comfortably. Get a good weapon with some high damage. My dps is around 1100ish I think (not that high), with 2000 armor.

my passive abilities are also +100 spirit, 100% dex as armor, and the trascendence one that heals you as you deal damage.

Hope that helps. Also open to criticism / suggestions.
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Oh also, one more thing,

I've got sweeping wind on as well. This is pretty sick because you can stack it so that you've got 60% damage just swirling around you. I think I did that one instead of breath of heaven.

And then leave the healing stuff for Serenity.

lol. hope that makes sense.
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LOL still figuring out this website. ok, here's my build on the b.net website. It's all there.

I think the +100 spirit is key, because it really allows you to stack the offensive and defensive abilities when you need it most.


You don't need the +3 spirit per second because it's not that good since it only works when you're attacking anyways, and your attacks are going to give you way more spirit than that anyways.
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so whats ur stats? i have ~1k dmg, 900dex, 2200 armor, 8k health, and im using shield. i feel kinda weak compared to others whats wrong.

im lvl 41 btw
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I was thinking about using Sweeping Wind, but my damge rate is very low (500dmg). So I rather have 2 healing skills plus 7 sided strike.
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Sincerely, what I have learnt till now it's that you have to focus on what are you planning to do with pools of monters, and I understand this two:
Finishing one by one with one or two hard hits.
Finishing groups by multiple hits that maybe you need four or five hits

This two changes totally your way of playing with monk.
First one, needs to move really really fast between monsters, having extra effects on hits (critical, extra speed, reduce movement from enemies, etc).
This is more likely "mark and kill" style.

Second one, what you need it's constantly doing damage, every single second with sweeping wind and hit, and hit, and hit, beacause you need several hits to finishing the job.
This is more likely "let them come to me"

The truth is that the first one is pretty cool, but you have to be very fast thinking and clicking selecting your victims strategically. Also most of times monsters aren't waiting for you to select them to be victims.
The second one is more "easy" to play because monsters usually sourround you, so you just have to move a little bit forward to center, and start clicking AoE tecnics (Crippling wave). The only proble is that you need some "panic" exit system (serenity with healing rune) to get out of there.

So in my opinion, monk is an AoE character like a tank, but more than a high dps character, its more like taking advantage of debuffs enemies.

BTW right now level 36 I'm using this build:

And I have to say that I didn't have problems on playing solo on NM, neither die even on big hero monsters groups.

One tip, Dexterity the highest you can on your gear (right now 818)

PS: Well, maybe this is my first post on D3 forums so don't be to hard :P
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