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Pet Question

Just wondering if anyone knows if pet attacks scale dynamically(increases with temp buffs) off of your damage or just off of the damage when they were summoned? Haven't seen anything related to this anywhere.
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Bump for curiosity. Interested in knowing about this too
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The only test I've been able to do has been with garg's poison aura.

Was doing 101 dmg pre-soul harvest, and with 5 stacks of SH up, continued to do 101 damage per tick. Haven't bothered checking the melee damage however, which might make a difference.

Edit: Ran another test with garg's melee attack. Was hitting for 1030-1184 with no SH up, then changed to 1500ish with SH at 4 stacks.
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Have to say: I'm loving this game...a lot...BUT...

Shame on Blizzard for not having any sort of instructional documentation ready other than the strategy guide that you have to pay more $$$ for.

I bought a physical copy because I just like having the box and everything. I'm perfectly fine with digital instruction manuals. But when you start up the game there is a box to read the "manual". When you click it, it takes you to the official website's "instruction" section. All of the sections are linked in a column on the side of the screen and 95 percent of them can't be clicked and all say "coming soon".

WTF! I've never seen a game NOT have an instruction manual, digital or otherwise, available at launch. So...the ONLY way to get the info is to drop extra money on a strategy guide. VERY disappointing Blizzard.

Again...love the game...but that is extremely unprofessional.
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