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Inferno Belial - Demon Hunter

86 Orc Hunter
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Looking for some help on Belial Inferno as a Demon Hunter... the phases one and two (the add phase and the boss+add phase) are causing me issues and I can not seem to get past P1 steadily and P2 I only get about 15% into the fight of P2. Any suggestions?
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Grab a quiver and chest with +10 disc. This, along with SS and Prep w/ 30% can give you 30 sec-1 minute of immune, and if you get lucky, sometimes way more.

Elemental Arrow > Nether is the best AoE / hatred, and for some bosses it's actually the best single target damage.

Use Bat + Mark w 3 Hatred to try to burst down belial p2. If you have about 50k dps it's possible to simply turret damage while immune.
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That should get you to phase 2 no problem.

Once you're there, just keep dodging and plinking away with Nether Tentacles when you get a chance. You really only need to use SS for the breath, just pay attention to his movements (he rears back before he casts the breath) and you should be fine.
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86 Orc Hunter
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Interesting, I will have to give that a shot, at the moment my major issue is just dealing with the adds to get to P2, and while P2 is an issue as well, I can not consistently get to it without really good luck with Prep. resets.
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I just did it solo with Templar pet.


32k dps without sharpshooter, 5% base crit...

Might take a couple tried but it does work.
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2 Tauren Warrior
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my templar keeps tarding out and doesnt do anything useful, he follows me around for a bit, attacks once or twice then immediately dies. I get to p2 every time but with belial just sitting on me i cant get any damage out :(
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I just soloed him today. it was very hard and I had to get lucky with procs with preparation. anyways, this is what I used to help me learn the fight.

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Build I used had multishot with disc regen instead of nether, found it to be a bit easier. for the time he has adds and himself, i would use multi if my disc was getting drastically low and there was 4 or 5 mobs i could hit, got me to my next prep once and saved me
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