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Demon Hunter OP!

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he says he has 5 stacks of NV, i only see 4. This is a fake.
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Obvious spam is obvious
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Noob team. Wonder what EG has to say about this.
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>Implying the inferno butcher is difficult

Easier boss than skeleton king.
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yeah we got it, smoke screen is a broken ability.

It's the only reason demon hunters can actually defeat inferno elites/champs rather easily compared to other classes.
It's a boring ability and actually butcher isnt the problem here, that guy could also be easily dealt with even if smoke screen got a 8 second cooldown or so.

it's more op against elites/champs cause you can immune yourself for a freaking long duration while destroying the enemy creep.
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I don't see how that's op
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its not op :P
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Of course it isn't OP. He's link baiting a video he made whilst taking !@#$ hoots so that he can drive traffic and ad clicks to his "Pro Gaming" community.
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Troll thread, let it be no more.
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Demon Hunter is only OP because it is the ONLY class to be able to 2-hand AND off-hand.... not sure how Blizzard let that slide. Let me have my 2 hand staff of 700+ dps and a 150 int 44-112 off-hand and see how well we have it.
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90 Human Death Knight
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Edit: Medicate right when you started recording? I don't believe it lol. To each is their own though
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I agree
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05/22/2012 04:20 AMPosted by Malvric
This dude's an idiot. Trying to start his own eSports team and what does he do in his first video? Take a !@#$ hit, lol. I smoke too but that's just stupid. A pitiful cry for attention too.

I had to medicate man..
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