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Stuck at act1inf, blue&elite mobs instakills.

Wrong class forum, lulz.
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Get a LOT more damage. I'm at roughly 26k damage with 22k health. Breezed right through A1.
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Intrepid to the rescue!! Are you a DH? Got low health? tired of all those one hit kills on inferno lvl difficulty or higher? Whats that you say? yes? well have i got the lulziest strat of town farming for you!

Ok so being that i'll assume we are ALL demon hunters here in this thread there is a fun/easy/SAFE way to farm rares champions etc on act 1 of inferno. What you do is equip the skill SS? Whats that you say?? Never heard of SS? GTFO of here then! But seriously equip SS add rune lingering smoke that adds +3 seconds for a total of 5 in game seconds. After you've done that go ahead and throw a lil prepartion on there for good showing. Make sure that at least ONE of your passive skills is perfectionist. Now comes the tricky part.

After having freshly slain the wife of our trustworthy loyal blacksmith make your way out into the fields and kill the incoming enemies. Now go pull a rare/champion fiend back to the town. That right folks crazy old intrepids at it again telling you to train yo self a mob into town with you. When things get dicey or you think you are about to die SS out, but be sure that the training mob doesnt retreat back outside. Are you still with me? No!? Well stop shoving all those crayons and glue in your mouth and pay attention! Successfully kite them all the way over to your three followers (templar/scoundrel/enchantress)

Now heres where the magic happens folks and the lamene-err ahem I mean fun really begins. Once successfully kited into this portion of town SS out and run all the way to the right past the captian of the guards artisain etc. Out the way you came when you FIRST entered New Tristram. If you need to, prock prepartions to restore all disc, and spam that !@#$% like its getting a nerf. :P Now then once past the gate dont stop and continue all the way back up the hill to the VERY BEGINNNG of the level.

Hey! Whats that down their Tom? I dont know Intrepid but it seems to me like the rare/champion mobs have gotten themselves a little to involved with attacking our Heroe's followers. Hmmm seems that way to me too. Well I guess there's only one thing to do now since EVERYONE knows that Demon Hunters are the master race of Diablo 3. Potshot the hell out of them from up top. Arrows rain down like death from above and since they're to busy goreging themselves on your followers they wont ever attack you. And NO they wont use ANY of their specials to get to you either including but not limited to teleport/vortex/mortar/archane lazors/etc. Now it helps this build go faster if you have some decent dps and can crit often but what the hell am i saying your a Demon Hunter! We have all the tools we need. ;D

It should be noted that this strat will take some people a long time (too long for some) if they have low damage but if you are patient enough you are almost always guarnteed a rare of high inferno quality. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE. With blue mobs (and thus far in my own experiences using this method) sometimes you'll get soooo close to killing them all of a sudden for their health to magically FULLY replenish for no appearent reason other then it being some sort of bug, but dont lose heart as a second go around on the fiends ^-* will most certianly smite him. Lather rinse repeat this train strat for all available champions/rares in act one field, but do know that some mobs are easier to pull then others.

Me? Because of the above health reset glitch involving blue mobs i tend to only try and seek out golden rare enemies and their squishier minions. Once you get enough good gear for your character and a better damage out put from this method be adventerous. Dont just stay all coup up in your town like some kind of village idiot! You're a Demon Hunter for christ sake not some dull witted barbarian oaf! :P

edit: oh almost forgot in all my rantings above that upon reaching the top of the hill you can respec skills to get the most out of your damage. Me I remove perfectionist and add archery/sharpshooter/steadyaim I then equip hungering arrow with its final rune on the list or devouring arrow rune. Also note that special hatred draining effect like multishot/clusterarrow/etc will not register from atop the ledge and thus rarely, if ever, do damage. I you choose to do this your going to have to settle for good old hungering arrow damage. :P
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> But seriously equip SS add rune lingering smoke that adds +3 seconds for a total of 5 in game seconds.

No, lingering smoke puts the duration TO 3 seconds, does not INCREASE BY 3 seconds. Adds one second only, which is still great.
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oops ive misread that skill this hole time...theres mud on my face XD
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