Diablo® III

Post patch Inferno build

The monks are not tanks but they can still clear content including rares if they play there invincibility, stun and sss in rotation, essentially 2+ gtfo options. They won't be able to solo Act 2 but will play a decent support roll in groups especially with the buff. They need a buff for surviving more but what it comes down to is game mechanics. Hell you started to learn to avoid green and red pits on the ground now Inferno it’s a must.

The class is still viable but understanding the games mechanics and how elites play will make you profit from rage quitting the class.

Also I can’t believe how many people miss the red floating balls of life or the regen pots which are so blatantly obviously saying hay pick me up free health...

I have had no problem with the butcher without using quickening because I knew it wasn't viable past hell.

Stat are below average

Elemental resist is at 54% and the reason for this is to maximise your return on this past 60% you need to either have amazing gear or stack the !@#$ with your equipment to get it to 70%. Vitality would hence be more important

Damage reduction is 66%
Dodge 34%
9.5k damage goes to 11k with buff
35k health

Things to note is dex has massive diminishing returns on dodge hence once you’re past 1k your only gaining damage nothing more. I would like to think this is where the patch could help us but sadly I doubt we will see changes for another week at least.

Shield is a must look for block change not armour as much 20% with 800 is better than 10% with 1500


Pretty self explanatory build

WoHF has a knock back, better damage and still sustained spirit.

BF is for elites the other runes are wasting the skill

BoH is damage buff which can be used in rotation with heals

SSS is get out jail free - I prefer for 7 second cool down but Sudden assault is just as useful

Serenity is the main monk skill + heal rune which is the only reason we can even play inferno.
Mantra of Healing - boon of protection - I use this when spirit is capped and becomes more viable in the long run than more resistance imo although + 5% total damage resist might be more optimal its up to you.

Passives are gear dependant

Transcendence. Ok I am the nub who still uses this but its more valuable then everything else since I have 4 spirit regen due to armor and weapon. Resolve could work but i found that it was retardedly dependant on the type of elite mobs and if they were the not disgusting it wouldnt matter anyway.

Seize the Initiative . More armor, Could use resolve up to you.

One With Everything . Best passive when one resistance is stacked

I liked Sweeping Wind but I found blade storm was the only beneficial rune and if it wasn’t maximised you were wasting 50 spirit and only gaining 15% aoe damage (I realise it was for the regen but in terms of dps) as well as if you have to kite or avoid arcane etc you lose your dps and your regen if you were using that rune. At this stage even the mystic ally would be significantly better.
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Not what i wanted either but cbf rerolling
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