(60 level with some crappy gear, 3.4k armor, 61 resists all, 20k health, 4.5k dps) - Stuck on Act3 solo currently.

As we all know by now the BoP quickening "bug" is over with. We have been expecting that, and if you weren't well your in for a surprise.

So I have a few builds to try, I tried them. And here is my observations....

1) Did a tank type build - Tanking is almost 100% not viable unless you really gear for it. Unless somehow I out gear the stuff I am facing, I just cannot keep ahead of the dmg no matter what build I have tired/experimented with. So I don't have that option using the builds I have thought of since I haven't found a single upgrade since Act1 Hell I dropped all these builds I was experimenting with and tried the option 2. (Yes I know about AH and no I am not using it, that is another discussion all together)

2) Kiter Build - This was semi viable but boring as hell. If I wanted to kite every single mob in the game, I would have done a ranged class. This just feels like a pathetic ranged (which really it is)

So my question to the monk community is:

What builds do you use to stay even remotely viable in Hell (Forget inferno).

I have tired 8 builds none even half as good as the BoP build which obviously does not work anymore.

And before you get all, get better gear, yes I know, I am talking only builds here.