Maybe it's just me, but no matter what resolution I try to use I can't see the entire set of stats on the bottom item of each list when the gear has about 5 or more different stats. The stats bubble filters downwards and off my screen.

I can see everything on my desktop, the task bar etc.. it's not my screen settings. I don't remember having this issue before the AH went down last night, but I also just began looking at items at this level so It's not for certain. I'm on a CRT at the moment and tried running the game at 1024 x 768, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200.. none of them produce any improved results when viewing the bottom item in the AH list for rare items lvl 50+.

I should add that the issue arises when I switch from searching via items for my character(Wizard) and sorting by Wizard only to view items of higher level. Items searched under Heretik(Wizard) come up fine and filter upwards.
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