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My follower is useless(main focus Templar)

As the title says, be it templar, enchantress, or the thief, they are of absolutely no use to me.
Example: I am lvl 33 i have 832 str and i hit mobs for about 300 per hit.
My templer is but one lvl lower 32 with 730 str he hits mobs for 29... REALLY BLIZZ. Whats the point of having him if:
1) Yes i have geared him, even still when i rush head long into battle 9 times out of 10 he dies before i even use earthquake, i'm left to solo them, then laugh an mock them for failing to bring me down to even 1/4th of my hp.
2) SURE he has heals... that don't heal worth crap when i have 7k hp and he heals for 879... I lost that much hp when i leaped into the middle of a group of mobs and laughed as my armor and hp recovery per hit and recovery per kill healed me. (in short his heals are crap.)
3) as i stated before the list. He doesn't hit hard, doesn't even seem like he hits at all. I mean granted two more difficulties left to be unlocked. Mobs have more then 1000 hp in nightmare. just what is 29 hp lost gonna do to them before the turn to him and start teaching him the gambles of war?
4)why even bring him along if in the final fight you fight alone. I Solo'd every single boss because he spent most the time dead, and only to find out i don't need him even in Nightmare mode. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I have better luck bringing my girlfriend and her lvl 28 wizard in to do more damage then he is. If this was made to encourage people to play in public, please don't if i don't even NEED my girl friend to help me beat the bosses on nightmare mode, and i don't NEED my templar... chances are I DON'T NEED ANYONE ELSES HELP EITHER.

Sorry for the rage, and maybe it's just me who has issues with him not being the slightest bit helpful. I mean if your gonna give me a follower at least make him useful like a pack mule or something maybe more skills past lvl 20 since there is 60 lvls. I don't know do something, at this rate i'm less likely to need him in hell mode as well.
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if you want dps, use one of the followers that does dps

i thought this was a simple concept
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lower lvls the templar is pretty bad. but in inferno it is the most op sh*t much better than solo play or 4player. hes a great tank/support. almost never dies unless its the wasps in act 2
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Thats nice to know. I'll keep at it, should take me but about two more days around work and class to get through nightmare.
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Templar, even in nightmare, is useless.
Like you said, SivaNevail, he heals crap and doesn't do ANY damage at all.
Solo'ed the game entirely but still i bring him along, for his utter useless and annoying remarks about evil stuff...

Blizz please fix..
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My templar rarely dies and I only use him to tank for me. I'm playing a DH and with him tanking for me it allows me to not need a pet so I can do marked for death. He also stuns people for me, knocks them away and heals me a little and I think taunts? my damage is fine I just need him to distract them for a second.
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85 Tauren Warrior
Templar is suprisingly non-squishy. Rogue has 3 CCs and one of two useful passives. I haven't really used Enchantress so I can't speak to her.
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The templar has the worst damage. The scoundrel or enchantress can boost your damage output. I have a L60 scoundrel in cheap gear doing 2200 DPS - it's not a huge amount, but it's a decent bonus if you're not a massive DPSer yourself. And I'm sure with elite gear they can do even more.

The templar can save you sometimes by drawing heat off or healing. I don't think they're useless.
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Enchantress is great for melee types (especially barbs). She buffs your armor and attack. She also has some CC.

Templar is nice for ranged classes. With proper gear he can out tank very well.

Scoundrel is probably least useful. He has a crit buff and some CC.
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Scoundrel's multishot works very well with On Hit, since each shot has it's own calculation.
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Yea, Kormac is useless. His heal does not scale and amounts to very little end game when it might only give you 10% of your total life. He will taunt when you get to a certain health which is useful in theory but you would hardly notice it, and if a follower gets focused, its probably gonna die.

Passives are the way to go, Lyndon will give you 3% crit and priceless dialogue chatter, and the Enchantress will give you 15% armor, slow things that hit you by 30% for 3 seconds, and increase your attack speed by 3%, if you can stand to listen to her, or like to play with no voice.

Dont count on any of them doing damage. Stack vita on them so that their passives dont fall off when they kneel, or mf so you can get what little you can from it, followers are far from useless in solo play. I would rather have a predictable follower with passive buffs on my team then bnet rands pulling mobs in every direction and getting everyone killed.
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05/29/2012 02:51 AMPosted by Ptone
10% of your total life.

Better than nothing imo
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ive geared my templar pretty well in inferno, its true that he does take little damage but still as a wizard he does not tank anything, the monsters almost 100% of the time go straight for me, and it doesnt matter what monster it is they go for me so, i dont really see the point, i mean sometimes its nice for him to charge at me and knock back monsters and heal me a little bit, but its really miniscule to say the least. also he has almost 2000 str or something like that and a 600 dps weapon and he does not even break 1k dps heh. so hes really hitting for at most 500-600 dmg its really bad. 90% of the time i die before the templar because he really doesnt taunt anything.
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My templas has 87k HP. He still dies, but those 3 secs he tends to stay alive is all i need to burn the mobs down. totally worth imo. (playing a DH)
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90 Draenei Shaman
The followers are not the same as they were in Diablo 2. I wish that they were. However In inferno any follower is pretty much useless they provide a few secs of support then they get killed, but those secs are useful. It would be nice to see them do more damage or the ability to actually tank mobs for you but that would really tone down the skill it takes to clear inferno. I like how it is now, where you need some skill to clear it. Aside from the gimmics that people always find and exploit. I love the challange of inferno.
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Order of usefulness: D2 mercs >>>>>>>>>>>>WoW Pets (non-combat) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A Ham Sammich >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>D3 Followers
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I just got my first follower last night. What a wimp he was. My barb slayed group after groups of mob, and he's still chipping away bits of bones off a skeleton.
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I don't understand why people say the Templar can tank. Mine (level 47?) rarely dies because enemies completely ignore him and his 50 DPS. Yes, 50, and I've been upgrading him with items I find. Meanwhile my wizard does about 1200 DPS.

He is nice enough to heal me, partially, once ever 5 minute or so.

Is there some stat I have to max out to make him not pathetic? Buy him a new weapon from the AH? What?
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90 Human Priest
I gave mine a legendary that is close to his level, and a rare shield. He's got a 66dps 1h and 830 strength, and does 107 dps according to "f".

I've got 200 less strength and my sheet says over 1k dps.

I think there's a decimal off somewhere in the Templar's computations.
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