Diablo® III

Yet another Loot issue complaint.

Yes, it's a very bad loot system for an otherwise pretty strong game.

I'm not sorry to repeat this, because I want it to be as clear as it can possibly be to Bliz - that it's anything but satisfactory.

They should NOT have made legendaries largely inferior to rare items with good stats.

1. Make Legendaries and Rares potentially EQUAL in raw power - but make legendaries STAND OUT through unique and fun powers/procs. Also, take into consideration that AH is now an integral part of the game (just like the in-game vendors) - and adjust the drop rate accordingly. Seeing dozens and dozens of the same "rare" legendary item on the AH - is very off.

2. Make a LOT more interesting loot mechanics. I mean stuff like crushing blow and more gems/runes. You said yourself that balance isn't top priority - so where the HELL is the cool/fun loot?

3. Have you played Borderlands/Hellgate? You know what those games did that was so brilliant and which you failed to emulate? Make ALL weapon types FEEL unique. In Diablo 3 - every single weapon is a boring DPS facilitator. There's absolutely no reason to care about a TYPE of weapon and how it feels for your character. The Monk animations issue is especially telling of this.

How Blizzard who're still masters of moment-to-monent gameplay and polish can mess up something like this SO badly - is shocking. It's a clear sign that Blizzard North understood something about long-term gameplay that this Blizzard utterly fails to grasp.
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I'm going to keep agreeing with and bumping threads of this nature in hopes that sometime in the near future we get a blue response.

This game has so much potential but I will not play it for very long unless the item system is altered.

Does Blizzard really expect people to pay money on the RMAH for extremely boring items?
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I agree. I don't understand why a level 30 blue, yellow, and legendary are all around the same DPS. Sure, the yellow and orange may have a socket, but in many cases, they don't (or in some cases, the blue will). It's really annoying to use a level 17 orange 1-hander, and "upgrade" at level 19 to a blue......
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I noticed a similar issue with some of the stats. I had a lvl 27 rare glove, with like 73 dex and 41 vitality with a couple other stats. Then I found a rare drop which was a lvl 40 bracers. This had worse stats than my lvl 27 bracers, as it had like 48 dex, and 43 vitality, with only +exp and +health globe value.

The only thing that made these lvl 40 bracers better was that it had 61 armor, vs 98 armor. As a monk I'm trying to stack dex and vit, but for some reason the game thinks that higher armor is the best stat as that's what this loot system is based off of.
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Totally agree. Why would legendary items scale even less than some magic items and being called LEGENDARY?

please change the animation of monks when attack with weapons, right now i dont even care of what type of item i use, it makes me feel that the item concept mean to be better.
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blizzard give us a blue post, the loot system is unacceptable
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Can t agree more , the worst part for me is that i m almost finished with nightmare and i never found one legendary or set items yet .

It s simply the worst loot i ever saw in a game of this type . I remember getting tons of set items and the equivalent of legenday in Titan quest . Had about 5-1O of each after finishing the game one time and here in D3 , i get none after beating it almost 2 times .

It s just stupid and boring like it is now . Too bad since everything else is great beside maybe not having enough gems type and different attributes on those .

Oh and bosses dropping crap loot after beating them once and that to me is another unacceptable thing in D3 .

I don t see myself playing much more if nothing change about those . I m actually getting out right now to buy another game because D3 is not enough anymore .

BLIZZ ... change those or you re expansion won t be one of my future purchase for sure .
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disagree with bumping them to equal power
they should bump them to be slightly better in MOST cases. hypothetically if you had the same level blue, yellow and legendary all with perfect affix rolls, the legendary should be better.
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