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Guide: Howto do Hell + Inferno Act1 on BUDGET

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This is my response to joining so many games and seeing monks (and everyone else, for that matter), just doing it wrong. I completed Act 1 inferno today after i solo'ed the butcher. I basically have level 58 armors on all my slots (which each cost 20-40k each). To beat the butcher, had to buy a nice 2handed level 60 staff and some cheap rings (30k each) to get my dps up to 10k for about 150k gold.

If you are wondering how i'm faring in act 2... it's not pretty =) Definitely need to farm better gear (or money for AH purchases) using the thought process below.

My intention is to get all you guys into Act 2... so that we can continue to find ways to beat this and bring new ideas into the meta-game. Hell and Act1-Inferno are old news.


Want to lock hell mode in a box and make it your gimp? Want to pop right into Act 1 Inferno and feel extremely pretentious every time you see another monk with an inferior setup? All of this on a budget of possibly WELL UNDER under 400-500k?

If you feel like you've hit a plateau or even a deadend in regards to this... believe me....
YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG (don't give up, its easier than you think).

If you think the answer is buying really expensive gear looking to max VIT and DEX...

Here's what you can do around level 57/58/59 while doing Hell, and it'll even put you through Act 1 Inferno without barely changing anything. I'm on INFERNO ACT 2 now with level 58 armor all over me and i solo'ed the butcher myself (my weapon is a level 60 weapon though, you need about 10k DPS to kill the butcher so you need a decent +650dps weapon to pull that off with level 58 gear.

1) Wait till about level 57/58 to put this plan into action. Save up money (about 500k... you could probably do with less now since there is more Auction House competition)

2) Put it through your thick skull that you are a monk and that you need to strategize around building your resistances (everyone should, but this guide is for fellow monks). IF YOU ARE ONLY STACKING VIT AND DEX YOU WILL LOOK LIKE A NOOB AND YOU WILL CONTINUE TO MELT IN BATTLE AND YOU WILL BE WASTING MONEY ON EXPENSIVE GEAR BECAUSE IT'LL NEVER FEEL LIKE ENOUGH. Let me say it again, if you aren't building resistances, you are an idiot. This was important in Diablo 1, it was important in diablo 2, and it's still important now. I see way too often monks without this and it makes me want to pvp them in real life, if ya know what i mean.

3) Search the auction house for gear (read the tips below). No joke, you can pretty much find ALL THESE ITEMS for 15-40k each for BUYOUT on the auction. You will always always always be looking for an item that passes all of these conditions:
- +resistance of a certain type between 25-35 (pick a resistance, and stick with it. I'm stacking cold resistance, for instance). This only applies to armors since it isn't on weapons.
- Either a mix of vit and dex, or it should have extra VIT to make up for the missing DEX or vice versa. Just make sure you aren't going to heavy one way.
- When looking for a weapon, look for those high damage dealers that are approaching 400/450dps. Look for bonuses to DEX which will make a lower DPS weapon better than a higher DPS one. I recommended 2 handed because it's cheaper to find a high damage dealer with nice stats that has a budget price.
- Get at least one ring (regular blue) that has +%attack speed and +dex. The +% attack speed does wonders to your DPS. I just bought a second one of these to help me with the butcher today and it cost me 30k. It has +14% attack speed and about 50 dex.
- Keep an eye out for yellows that also have a +armor bonus. That's the next stat you want after VIT/DEX/resistance.

By the time you hit 60, with this gear, you should have approx:
- 22-25k health
- 50% resistance to all elements
- 45% resistance from your armor
- 4k-6k dps
And you know what, i set the bar low. If you have better, you are awesome. This is all you need to get you through hell with little trouble and even through inferno (having some DH or Wiz friends helps to get through the more tedious parts as you will be more tanky than DPSey.)

For skills:
- obviously this build requires you to use One with Everything passive skill. For this early on, Sieze the initiative is still worth it (will turn it off later on when additional armor starts to be less effective), and transcendence for heals since you have higher resists and lower HP.
*WARNING* This is the part where some monks will tell you "OH BUT DONT USE 'ONE WITH EVERYTHING' - ITS A WASTE OF A SLOT BECAUSE YOU CAN GET +ALL RESISTANCE ITEMS INSTEAD.". Be aware that these monks are leading you into the trap of overextending your budget. +ALL Resistance items are going to be more expensive to find. I agree, that in the future, the end-game goal is to have +all resistance ... but we are no where near the end game nor are we rich enough to try to buy all this expensive crap right now. Save your money for the end game and do things more efficiently now.
- Look around the forums for nice evasion builds. I like the ones that use FoT Lighting Flash with the evasion boost as well as the evasion mantra. Turn on elective mode and bring breath of heaven, blinding flash (with 4 second boost), serenity (with heal or with 4 second), and dashing strike with evasion boost. Use dashing strike to keep yourself out of the middle of groups when your other skills are on cooldown.

To kill the butcher:
- Here you need to invest some money (about 200k) to get a nicer weapon. You can do this earlier, and probably should... as soon as you turn 60. I bought a 700dps staff with +200dex for about 200k. I also bought a second ring with +% attack speed and +dex. I had 10k dps and it was enough time to kill him before the whole floor catches fire (there is a time limit, ya know?)
- Bring your mantra of conviction with overawe. Use this to heal yourself from the butchers weaker blows (thanks to trancendence) while doing more damage back to him.
- Bring Serenity with the healing rune. Bring breath of heaven with the extra heal. Bring inner sanctuary with the heal. Bring SSS with the 10-strikes rune.
- After he shoots out this red hadouken, he will charge and possibly 1-hit you. So just move aside after you see it...
- If you see him huffing and puffing and stomping (i think 2 or 3 stomps?) he is about to do a massive cleave and possibly 1-hit you. Just move aside again...
- Position yourself around the butcher so that when he charges, it's always near the red healing pools. You can use those to heal.
- Use SSS and serenity to dodge his 1-hits instead of moving aside. Use inner sanctuary, the red pools, potions, or breath of heaven to do bigger heals. Use mantra to do light heals.

Some tips to kill elites:
- Bring DPS friends.
- Some elites just need to be skipped. Suck it up.
- Learn to dance around arcane sentries. Also learn to trigger your serenity in moments when you wont escape.
- Learn to use dashing strike to keep yourself out of the crowd and out of the fire chains.
- Learn to hit-retreat-hit-retreat-hit-retreat. It'll be a slow retreat because you'll be doing serenity and flashes and healing yourself...

Some Tips about searching the AH:
- If you look for armor, it'll usually order the items by highest AC first. Keep in mind, there can be a piece of armor that has 400 AC on page 1, and a piece with 320 AC on page 4 with +100 str. The armor on page 4 is better for you since it equates to 420AC on a monk... keep this in mind!
- If you look for weapons, it'll usually order the items by highest dps first. Keep in mind, there can be a weapon that has 450 dps on page 1, and a piece below it with 420 dps but with +70 dex. The second item will be better because 70 dex gives you % increased damage on the dps.
- If you want to create builds on the cheap, don't be afraid of regular MAGIC items (blues). These often come at a discount... so if there isn't anything good and cheap that's yellow, turn on the filter for MAGIC ITEMS and see if there is a blue with a big stat that makes up for what's missing.
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Quiet you! Noone is noticing the price gap from 1hs and monk staffs. So easy to get high quality staves right now because there is so much taboo against them
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nice I'll take your advice, I'm struggling. My resis is only 110 I think. I have 20K health, 6K dam, 5K armor. But I guess I will farm gold big time and buy stuff on the AH, because I'm not doing well in inferno at all.
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Anton, once you throw on about 350-400 resist on everything (giving you ~50+% resist), you'll be taking much less damage. Have faith... and know that it won't be expensive to pull this off ;)
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05/23/2012 08:47 PMPosted by Jansports
Quiet you! Noone is noticing the price gap from 1hs and monk staffs. So easy to get high quality staves right now because there is so much taboo against them

do you have success in inferno with staffs?
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He's just saying that staffs are less popular, therefore, it's easier to find a good deal in the auction house. It's true, so take advantage of it.

I did inferno with a mix of weapons because i was experimenting, but i'm using a 700dps staff now with a big dex boost and it's more than enough for act 1 and it's SICK for farming act 3/4 in hell.
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Well written post.

I have a 1handed thats 700dps just lacking in resistance area, inferno act1 is still doable
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Some tips to kill elites:
- Bring DPS friends.

So basically...

TL;DR - If you rolled a monk (or just melee), get your ranged friends to carry you.

Is what you basically said in like a page when you could have just posted that line? Why post the rest of that when at the end, your tip is get other people to do stuff for you because that's basically what it amounts to isn't it?

Don't pretend like this hit-retreat-hit-retreat thing is actually doing something as a monk just because the mob died. In reality, it's that 80k dps demon hunter friend that was shooting it that didn't have to run for his life every 1 swing.
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I'll also add in to try to look for "Life Leech" or "Life on Hit" mods. They keep you alive between your healing cooldowns. I was doing okay in A2 hell at level 54 but when I bought some swords with Life Leech and Life on Hit, I just powered through the rest of it.
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This build doesn't require you to run for your life. It lets you CC monsters and tank damage thanks to your skills so that DPSers don't have to run in circles and get 1-hit. With serenity, flash, and you're natural tankiness and evasion, you can hold your ground REALLY well and let the DHs and Wizzes do their thing.

And an 80k dps demon hunter doesn't belong in the picture here so i'm not sure why it makes a good example. Instead, place a DH or Wizard that just came out of hell or have only been in inferno for a little while and i promise you there are thankful for a tanky player that controls the monsters so that they can kill them more efficiently.

If you are talking about act 2 or further on, well, this guide is just about how to get there... not how to beat act 2.
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You suggest using the following skills:
Mantra of Conviction
Breath of Heaven
Inner Sanctuary
Dashing Strike.

Unless you're interchanging skills for every pack, I see a problem. If you are not, good luck farming new gear.

Key to play the monk: Buy gear off the AH.

Though duly noted, I'd be interested to try something similar.
Edit: just had a quick test run, its fun in that its more offensive than a lot of other builds. However I feel spirit starved (don't I always), unable to use Mantra of Conviction to its best. Might try with the Submission rune instead.
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just to share, i built my own monk with the same item and passive preferences as well with a few variations

i had skills built around evasion:
FoT [evasion]
Dashing Strike [evasion]
Serenity [heal]
BoH [damage buff or fear]
MoE [backlash]
SW [bladestorm]

i hover around 59% dodge and jump to ~75% with buff activation, the backlash does massive aoe along with sweeping wind when dashing into huge mobs (just press serenity if the mob is too hard to handle for the first few seconds)

handling A1 inferno just fine for me though A2 will be another story

edit: forgot to mention i'm doing it dual wield with ~2.19 aspd
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05/23/2012 09:08 PMPosted by Vanquisher
Well written post.

Hmm, not really, very aggressive in tone and sometimes self-contradictory in ways that don't matter as far as the game play aspect is concerned.

Example? Says build will cost "well under" 400-500k then immediately tells you to save 500k and buy a 200k weapon etc. Alternatively, "max VIT and DEX" means "you are doing it wrong" then later pretty much says stack VIT and DEX but reminds you to stack up a resistance and rune One With Everything. Genius!

I agree with it overall, but well written it ain't.
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For Gold problems, try running on Hell, with just Gold Finds. It'll fuel your need for Gold for Inferno equips.
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