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Clearing Recent Players list??

I searched on the forums for this but couldn't find anyone asking about it so I'm going to take the chance and ask.

Does anyone know if there is a way to clear the Recent Players list in the social window? I am sick of having players on there that I played with once, a week ago. It is cluttering up my list and making it a pain to scroll down to my actual friends that are offline (online friends are always at the top, i know). One of the "recent players" account name is GAYBOOBZ. Needless to say, I am tired of seeing that every time I open my social window.

Perhaps that is what I get for opening games to the public? In any case. Is there a way to remove those players from that list or clear the list altogether?
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Exactly! I mean today I had my game open to the public for maybe 10 minutes and had about 4 players join and leave within a handful of seconds. All of a sudden my list grows by that many players. I have searched every right click and option in the option menu to find a way to get rid of it and it just doesn't seem possible. Someone said it clears after a while but it has been a week and still nothing. Anyone know anything about it?
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so no word on clearing your recently played list? it's annoying as !@#$, i'd rather just turn it off.

so i'm guessing you can't do this? seems like a bit of an oversight.
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I so agree with this. I ACCIDENTALLY joined Public (which I have absolutely NO WISH to do) and now I have these random people's names on the list. I can't stand this. I have very few friends in the game (we mostly trade items and such). I don't know these people on the list and while they may be very nice, I have no wish to have contact with them, know when they are on, etc. It is cluttering up my list and ABSOLUTELY driving me nuts. While it's nice to know that they will go away soon, I want the list cleared, of everyone except my friends, now.

WHY that's not allowed is a mystery to me. They've done so many server downtimes and yet, little things like this still exist.

Otherwise great game. I have just never played Diablo as a social game and I don't mind that it's there, but when it becomes intrusive in any way, then I DO mind.

I very much hope Blizzard will fix this. It might be worth another (short) downtime. :P
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Yeah its a pain
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I did the same thing, joined a public game to check my framerate with 4 people, bam! got a list of people that makes me scroll down to my "real" friends...No right-click remove option, but I can report them as being dangerous....
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Agreed . Really wish there was a way to clear your recently played list. I just find it annoying.
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an option like that should be there
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I was actually just searching to see if there was a way to remove 'recent players'. I guess not. Thanks for post. Blue?


*edit* Sammo: that's why we want an option to remove people on the list. Even if you have to click just one thing every time you log in, that's enough to need a fix. Hell, they've spent more time fixing less than that.
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You can click the minus tab and iminimize the list, then you won't see them anymore. Annoying part is you do have to click it everytime you sign in.
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I really wish there was a way to make myself Invisible, and to also clear that darn list.
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I would support the addition of this functionality.
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Yet another deterrent to Multi-playing...
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GAYBOOBZ.... ROTFL I'd be laughing every time I opened the window and seen that.
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