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Advice for Soloing Diablo (Normal)

Heh... yeah, I'm having issues defeating Diablo the first time around. Only given it a few tries, but I feel like I'm not even coming close. Any advice for recommended skills, tactics, et cetera. I'm around level 34, double hand-crossbows. My gear could probably use an upgrade, but I'm tring to go through the game at least once solo before I start partying or trading. Any tips taking out the Lord of Terror? Thanks.
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I think this is pretty similar to the build I used. You'll really love the stun on Impale for normal because it stuns him all the time and really makes it easier. Also if you don't like Marked for Death, Preparation is pretty good to keep your discipline refreshed.

Basically first phase just keep away from him as much as possible. Use Impale whenever you can to get him stunned (bat should help for more hatred). If you're paying attention you should be able to just run out of the way whenever he throws a fireball at you. If you aren't quick enough on your own, you can always Vault out if needed. Basically I just kited him in circles laying down caltrops to keep him slowed. When he teleports to you, that's when I would try and save my Vaults for. I don't know how much health you have, but you could also just throw 2 Impales at him quick and one should stun him.

Phase 2 is a little more tricky. Make sure you have plenty of hatred available for when he spawns the shadow clone. It hits harder than him but if you Impale it you should keep it stunlocked until it dies a few hits later. Just keep going with Caltrops and kiting Diablo around trying not to take too many hits. If he gets you to half or so, it's best to use a health pot then rather than when you have only a few HP left because it will come off CD sooner so hopefully it will be ready by the next time you need it.

Phase 3 is pretty much the same as phase 1 only he will also shoot a lightning breath at you that really hurts. Just Vault out of the way.

If you're wondering why I have Vengeance in the build, the Shadow Clone (and sometimes Diablo himself) will drop a lot of health globes and it actually generates a lot of hatred and discipline for you.

Some people really like the bola stun as a generator, but I like Hungering Arrow because I can get really far away where I can't see him on my screen and then just shoot it in the direction of where he shows up on the minimap and it should track and hit him.
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phase 1, kite a little. I used a snaring primary. Hungering arrow is great here too, use that as your secondary to burn him. Vault to get out of the way of bad things and keep him away.

Phase 2. burn the little guys that spawn. manage the health orbs as best you can. STAY OUT OF THE BLACK SHADOWS. these turn to cages and you die real fast.

Phase 3. this is the longest phase, stay out of fire, vault away from fire beams. use the health buckets in the top right and top left when you get desperate. Dont be afraid to shoot from off screen and just guess at where he is using the mini map.

I recommend for skills:
snare attack that i forget its name, any rune
hungering arrow

the remaining 2 and passives are up to you.
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Hello. The way I did this first time around was basically just kiteing her with vault. I died quickly if she got to attack, but you can kite kite kite around the holes in the ground (figure 8).

If she charges at you, vault away, keep as far away as possible, wait for her to be slow and used her fireball, then go in, fire a few shots, and run away when she starts to get scary. The holes block her big aoe firenova, so you can reduce your damage taken, and if you do get hit by something, run to a health well. In phase two, burn the clones asap as they appear, I used shadowpower to help and get some health back on them, then basically play it like phase one. When she teleports, vault once.

Phase three basically the same as phase one, be carefull with river of pain; it will ruin your day. The beam travels slowly but she pivots very quickly so get to max range to avoid it. When she's used it, you have a little bit of time where you can do whatever you like because you know it's on cooldown. Just play safe, it's an endurance fight.

Or you could use one of those stunlock builds and leftclick to victory.
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I believe i had trouble as well what you can do is stay really far from him the point where u cannot even see him or barly see him once hes comes near run and max distance again SS when need and be aware of his prision once ur caught its pretty much gg or u have very low HP
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You could always run across to the other end of the map and shoot Hungering arrow. They autofind the target. Drop a turret as you run to the next spot. It may take awhile but it does work. Just look at the mini map on the direction to shoot. Grab some movement speed boots to get to your position faster and away from fireballs, and possibly buy the lvl 23 Leg. Bow Demon Machine (seems to be alot of these so you can get a decent one for 20K or less) for more dmg and stats.
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This was the build I was on when I went up against Diablo (pre-nerf) and it was pretty easy.

During his initial stage, just attack as you would in any other Elite/Bosses battle. Place the Sentry and try to move around a lot as you would not want to be caught in Diablo's bone cages.

Other than that, you could refer to LtShaft's post.

p.s. My equip was mostly experience/adds life per hit.
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Finally beat him last night. I did some questing/achievement hunting and leveled to 37, improved my equipment slightly (mostly increases in DPS and life), and adjusted my assigned skills for the battle, and beat him without too much difficulty (though it was still an intense battle).

Impale was a life-saver. Round two was almost too easy, just Impale-attack-attack-attack, rinse and repeat. Vault was very helpful for getting away from him when he teleported next to me. I never used either skill much, and don't know how helpful they are going to be versus mobs of enemies in the Campaign, but both were helpful for the boss fight.

Now I get to play around in Nightmare mode, and really start having fun.

Thanks again for all the advice.
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