Diablo® III

Barbs are fine

Wiz, DH got nerfed

Nothing relevant has been addressed - the only thing that has changed is that zero vitality wizard builds are no longer good. Nothing has changed with their kiting or damage output, both of which are ridiculous. A slight nerf to DH SS was meaningless.

Hell, just watch the wizard stunlocking inferno Diablo (PERMANENT STUNLOCK) on youtube. I'm not going to bother trying to find it again, but it's ridiculous. Paralysis isn't being touched yet, from what I have seen. They're nerfing (apparently, fixing) critical mass - but that just means they (POSSIBLY) won't be able to stay permanently immune with diamond skin - it STILL DOESN'T FIX ANY ISSUES.

All hail our demon hunter and wizard overlords. Really doesn't look like they're going anywhere.

Permanent stunlock is gone, wizard lost their OP survivability, and DH lost extreme disc regen stealth builds (that was the issue, not a little too much stealth), stealth grants completely immunity to almost all forms of CC, break CC, and gives immunity to damage. DHs now kite, if they can't, they die. Wizards now kite, if they can't, they die. CC is reduced significantly so those abilities are no big deal. Wizards have fine DPS, it's ordinary after barrage was nerfed, just relevant to the gear, which now has to have vit, all res, so their DPS numbers are dropping.

Critical Mass was the reason they could stunlock, it is now fixed.

Make sure you know what has been addressed before you claim issues haven't been adressed.
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05/25/2012 01:40 PMPosted by Borealum
Having to farm for millions of gold to only be half as good as a DH/wizard in Inferno is a problem, I don't care if you're in Act 3 inferno - it still takes far more gold and grinding to get there compared to any other ranged DPS.

I agree. All classes should be equally as easy to play, so that I get bored of the game in a week because there is no challenge. I do not think games should be challenging or take longer than a week to beat. Games should not have a class that is very easy to play for noobs and a class that is very difficult to play for real gamers that keeps all styles of player happy. Games should only have easy classes, that way a minority of noobies like you & I can earn our Gold Stars and feel really accomplished.
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