Diablo® III

Auction House Bug

So i have been recently wanting to buy gems for my gear and what not. So when i go the auction house to search for gems, craft, or even dye's I limit my stuff i hit search but nothing comes up. Not even the "no item" comes up. The equipments for searching work just fine but the gems, dyes, and craft items do not.
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Commodity auctions are currently disabled
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I'd like to have an explanation for this from blizz...

While exploiting ppl can sell their farmed act 3-4 stuff on the AH for ridiculous sums of money I am sitting on my high-end gems to wait for prices to drop to the floor?

Wonder what they did all those years...such an imbalanced, buggy game, seems like it's only working 60-70%...

If u told me I had to join the Beta-phase on this thing...I had given u 30 instead of 60 bucks...

If this wasn't D3, the game would get the 'right' reviews...

60%-70% for a game that's done 60-70%...

And if they released it Xmas 2012 we would have had so much more fun...
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Is there an ETA on when this will be fixed or a link to where they've posted that it's down? :(
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We have temporarily disabled commodity auctions for the gold auction house. Sales of items such as gems and crafting materials have been brisk since the launch and we're currently working on a number of optimizations to improve the speed at which they can be processed. If you happened to have a commodity auction listed prior to this change, you can cancel the listing from the Auctions tab to reclaim the item.

Please note that while commodities are disabled, players who attempt to sell them in the auction house will receive an "auction failed (error 31025)" message.

We recognize that these items are highly desired and are working to make commodities available again as soon as possible. We'll provide further updates within this thread as they become available.

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Relax guys, theyre working on the efficiency of the game...they never had 6+ million people playing the game during beta, and they sure as hell didnt have that many people bombarding the auction house. Yes, its annoying...I have 10 auctions listed that cant even be seen and all have 18-36 hours left on them...but I understand what they are trying to do. Give them time, let them sort it out and just be patient.
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