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Which equipment is best?

Im level 41 in Act 2 of Nightmare, Ive got about 1200-1400 dps depending on what equipment i use. My question is should i be using dual hand crossbows, a good dexterity adding shield or a quiver? I cant seem to determine which is best at the moment.

I have trouble dealing with larger groups even when im using caltrops and such, I can easily get destroyed which is why im a little towards the shield. My armor is also around 1200 with my damage reduction being about 30%.

Thanks for the tips guys, Cheers.
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Come on guys gimme somethin here
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Most people currently are running a 2h xbow and quiver with IAS, dex and Crit%/Damage gear.

I myself am wanting to do some testing in inferno with dual hand xbows to see how viable they are.
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I was in just about the same spot as you a week ago with very similar stats. I started using Vault a lot more. Instead of using vault to escape I would vault so I'd pass a health globe and get healed. So I might have a mob rushing towards me and after killing a few I might vault past them and wind up behind the mob while getting healed at the same time. I'd vault back and forth continuing to heal myself on the health globes.

In other words, instead of using vault for kiting I stated using it to aggressively position myself. I found I didn't need to use SS nearly as much and I could save it for when it was really needed.

Oh, and for killing mobs ... Multishot with Full Broadside rocks. Chakrum with Twin rocks, and Fan of Knives with hail of knives works wonders when surrounded. In fact, I now often allow my self to be surrounded just so FoK can finish them off.
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I got some decent 1h xbows now and im sitting on 1.7k dps with 2.16 attack speed. Im liking the speed I shoot at so Im thinking maybe ill pick up a 2h when i reach hell or something, these dual 1h's seem to be working pretty well.

Thanks for the tips guys, and UNT i usually use vault to snag those globes too, works out pretty well. Im gonna try FoK now too, I never really gave it a chance.
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ive been using a 2 hand crossbow for a while and i find that suits me best. As far as stats go, DHs are generally supposed to stay away or vault, meaning you aren't supposed to take that much damage. That's what a tank's for(barb). Really what you want is Dexterity and Crit Chance/Dmg and that will really help
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and with a 2h i do 42k DPS. im lvl 60
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You also necro'd a thread from 10 months ago... Do people not look at dates?
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