Bugs: Map opens by itself; skills bound to "1" and "2" used by themselves

Description: Anywhere from Iskatu to Rakanoth and beyond to the gardens in act 4. I've had it happen several times now, using my Monk in both NM and Normal mode. Same areas. Even during those aforementioned boss fights. Single player both acts.

I don't know if some bosses are enchanted with something that is messing with my skills and keys, but this is unplayable. Especially for hardcore. I don't even want to get to act 4 if this is what I have to look forward to - not just simply staying alive, but to keep a spare finger on the opposite side of the keyboard just in case I have to quickly close my map? Not to say anything about my two main healing skills (one of which has the temporary immunity).

The state the game is in, I'll go back to Aion.