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Hesterry's Solo Inferno WD Guide

I have moved this guide to Google Docs for simplicity, organization, and ease of updating. For those who have read it in the old format, I've removed the guide from this thread, but didn't delete the posts. If you guys prefer the old format, I'll re-post it.

Link: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxtkoQdSGtg2cDdCTE9vUnVTTzQ

Here's an excerpt from the introduction:

"I am a Witch Doctor known as Hesterry. I have soloed all of Diablo 3 since normal, all the way through Inferno Diablo.

I am not an amazingly good player by any means – decent, I would say – my internet connection is “meh,” and my gear is only “reasonably good.” My point is this:

If I can solo Inferno as a Witch Doctor, so can just about anyone. I hope to illustrate how, for all who are interested.

The Purpose of This Guide

While I could write a guide on how to magic find effectively, blah blah blah... I'm going to avoid doing that, as I'm sure there are already tons of such guides that are better than I could write. Instead I'm going to focus on progression – how to get to Act 4 as quickly as possible. Therefore, I will talk very little on the concept of MF, how to fight elite packs (as they can be run past), and so on. Though, if there are enough requests for it, I may add a small section to each Act on farming recommendations – but I will NOT go in-depth.

Why not just farm as you go, or farm the easier/earlier Acts/bosses? Interestingly, this has the same answer as why you would want to farm such things – the loot. Blizzard has stated that each subsequent Act has a higher tier of loot. In other words, Act Four Inferno has better loot than Acts one, two, or three of Inferno. So, by getting to Act 4, and learning to farm it somewhat efficiently, you will be getting better, more valuable loot than you would by farming the earlier Acts.

Thus, progression in Inferno > farming – at least until you hit Act Three or four, with very few exceptions."


Special Thanks

Thasika - For recommending cheap movement speed legendaries for Azmodan
Spellful - For being the first one to show me a good guide on the use of Splinters and kiting
Dom - For making me do math (you jerk!)
Darnusmarkreevus (of Youtube) - For the Rakanoth guide
OneNoteChord - For providing a gear set that makes Diablo possible without hitting his enrage timer, while stilling having excellent effective health!

Links to my other guides

AH Price Check Guide

My (Related) Videos

Witch Doctor Kiting Tutorial

Whimsyshire Playthrough (Post Patch 1.0.3)


Thank you for reading! I hope it helped. I'll continue to update as needed, unless someone else provides a better guide. If you found this guide helpful, please consider clicking the "Request Sticky" button at the top right. Thank you!

Want me to add/clarify something? Please post or let me know in game!

I will update this guide as needed - Last update 12:06am PDT, 6/28
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Posts: 527
Awesome, looking forward to reading the rest of this.
Also, what is up with the warlock posting the same thing in every thread?
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Glad you like it! Act 2 up, working on Act 3 now. Also need to go back and add some stuff to the original post...
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Awesome guide, I'm not quite 60 yet but I know I'll be using this for my Inferno endeavors, just trying to get through Act 3 and Act 4 in Hell. Just hit Heart of Sin quest and my build isn't working too well anymore :-\
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If you're having trouble in Hell, I recommend VQ bears with at least 30k hp, and ~8k Damage with a slow 2-Hander.
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Act 3 is up. Also, does anyone know if Blizzard still stickies useful threads? If people like this, I hope it might be worthy of a sticky =O
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Act 4 is up! At least what I've done so far, anyway. I hope this helps! If anyone has questions/suggestions please post them or message me in game!
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I know you say to use 1 hander + mojo in the guide, but i just wanted to make sure you suggest that over 1 hander + shield for the later acts. Thanks
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While I haven't tested it myself, a number of witch doctors (even those defensive-oriented) have tried a shield, and it just doesn't help enough. The only inherent value to a shield is the ability to block, but even a high end shield will only block ~5k damage 10-20% of the time, which is nothing when you're getting hit for 100k. Just seems counter-productive, when a good mojo can add ~50% to your damage.
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That's what I was noticing. Thanks a lot!
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Nice guide man, I'm still struggling to raise the catapults, those flying demons with their fireballs are really annoying.
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No problem, good luck!

Indeed! They get me a lot when I'm tired or not paying much attention. Fortunately, the fire balls are fairly slow, and easy to dodge if you put yourself at long range. Though, lag can make it difficult (buggy hitboxes and such...), always try to dodge further/faster than you need to.
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Posts: 186
I love this thread. Awesome work. Bookmarked for future reference!
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Thanks! Happy to be of help =)
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Im having problems with elite packs in act 2.
Here are some stats of what i have
25k hp
300+ to all resists
3000 armor
22k dps

Using a splinter build

I can't kill mortars and fast are a big problem too. I get oneshot by things sometimes as well.

But really my main intent of this post is: How do you kill mortar?
Edited by Beverice#1983 on 5/28/2012 10:25 PM PDT
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