Diablo® III

Mouse wont work.

So my mouse wont work in d3. I can move my char. and i can use the spells. but i cant see the cursor. like the cursor icon is just stuck on my health bubble and it wont move...but the mouse doesnt stay where the cursor stays. my mouse works on every other program on my computer and it even works in the patch screen it just wont work once diablo 3 loads up. anyone have any idea on how to fix this issue? iv tried uninstalling and reinstalling...and i have searched the forums but havnt found an answer for this issue. help would be much apperciated....
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My mouse cursor wont appear either. Looks like blizzard is too busy to help anyone tonight
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same is happening to me i tried restarting comp still doesnt work
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mouse wont move works just fine to type this message though I been on hold for 2 hours :(
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I loaded game. On the start screen I "see" a mouse cursor, but it doesn't move. I can move my mouse - therer is a "phantom cursor" that must move, because I can see the "DECLINE" button light up. If I really play with it, I can get the unbearably long agreement form to scroll down so that the "ACCEPT light comes on, however if I push LMB to accept it resets to the top of the agreement. I have not been able to play, and would VERY MUCH LIKE TOO
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To Husssh - Was the mouse working when you started game? I couldn't get past the "accept license agreement screen" - IF that is the "patch screen" you refer to, the problem gets more confusing, working for some people some of the time, but not for some people even AT the patch screen.
Hopefully someone will see this thread and respond I know start-up is complicated and I'm sure Blizzard is trying to get issues resolved based on how many report a specific problem.
BTW I'm running Win7 64bit mode
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I figured it out I think!!

Are you using the text extra size-thing in windows? Turn it of by right click on desktop, then Screen Resolution then Make text and objects bigger.
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There's already a sticky post for this topic up top.


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Thanks Blizz for the support.
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what if that didn't work? if i make it smaller then larg the cursor just disapares and i know the cursor is ther cus it lights up the buttons
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Wow what a pain,, thanks for the bug testing Blizzard,,, even the no budget Germans can at least make the startup screens work out of production...lol
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mouse is frozen on the log in screen =( plz fix send me an update something
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Yep same for me too. tried the advise above and no joy!!
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