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Diablo 2 Story blows this out of the water

I don't know what has happened to Blizzard over the past few years. They used to make simple yet charismatic stories and characters that were worthy of your emotional investment. Now their villains are very scooby doo-esque and their plot lines feel very contrived and unfaithful to the existing lore of their franchises.[/quote]

I couldn't agree more with the above! I felt both SC2 WoL and D3 fell short of their predecessors. "Unfaithful to existing lore," is a perfect way to put it. Despite what some people are saying above (the theme of every RPG is kill the bad guys) the D3 story lacked originality and I found myself bored after the first play through. I played D2 for years, D3 for a few weeks.

As a result of the predictable and recycled stories Blizzard has been putting out lately, I have refrained from purchasing HotS and I probably will not purchase D3 expansion when it is released. Blizzard, you had a good run with me over the past 20 years, but unless you hire some good story tellers, I might be calling it quits.
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The D3 story was actually deeper than the D2 story.
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The D3 story was actually deeper than the D2 story.

Deeper but somehow more shallow.

Diablo only has one line in D2 but its more powerful then all of his taunts/dialog in D3 combined.

less is more.
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Diablo in D3 "I twirl my moustache at you, I TWIRL IT!"
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The D3 story was very poor, and it was not aided by the horrendous dialogue and characters. I sincerely hope there are new writers for the expansion.
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